Friday, October 12, 2012

The best neighbors

Last week, we lost a neighbor to a tragic farming accident, he will be missed.  Today when I drove into my drive I was met by the sight of two combines and several grain trucks gathered in our neighbors field.  It was a sight to behold, not only for the reason of having that many combines in one field (unusual for our Kentucky fields), but for the fact that all these farmers took time to harvest Pat's fields.  This was done out of love and respect for our neighbor and friend. It is a Blessing to live in a community where we all still care and love each other.  That we take the time to show that love for each other. 

It is sad to realize so many people will never know the true meaning of the word neighbor.  I am so Blessed that I do.

Here are a few pictures I shot:
 I could never get both combines in the same shot
 you can see the dust from the second one here

Pat you will be missed in this small community for the leader you were.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Early October Morning

 Last night I was cleaning out bookmarks on my computer and bumped into my blog!  Goodness a lot of time has drifted by since I have blogged.  I realized how much I missed taking pictures and chatting about my mundane life. 
This morning I had to take Buster to the Vets, it seems he has picked up a virus or once again ate something he shouldn't have (I am voting for that one). After spending the first hour of waking cleaning a kennel and all our bed linens (Dennis let him into the bedroom without knowing he had been so ill)!  Off to the Vets we went, 90.00 later and two shots along with 2 prescriptions he will be good as new (Buster not Dennis)

These shots were taken at the end of my drive way looking at my neighbors fields.  I think they made the whole Vet trip worth it. 
The sun is just beginning to burn off the dense fog.

 I love the dew ladened weed

Beautiful shots aren't they.  Thanks for reading, please leave a comment to let me know you have been here.

Have a wonderful day and as always Be Blessed.

Monday, October 8, 2012

I knew He loved me...

but didn't know He cherished until the birth of our Grandson.

Dominic is now 10 months old and I can truly say they have been the most wonderful of my life.  He is a happy baby always smiling and laughing
So much like his daddy already (I think he is trying to figure out how to make it faster)
Kubie thinks Dominic is his best friend and let's him do what ever he wants.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Not sure where I have been??

It seems maybe fell off the good earth? Life just got in the way the last several months. I didn't take the time to do the things I enjoy, so overwhelmed with things I had to do. This is a new year and a new start for me. I have missed Sunday Stills.

When I saw it was food a picture came to mind right away. My son was married in Oct. to the girl he has been dating for 10 years, Katie. We all flew down to Tampa, the kids got married on a cruise ship before it set sail and 11 of us all cruised a week with them. Spectacular does not start to describe the wedding or trip.

This is one of the desserts served on the ship, a warm and spicy bread pudding with a warm ginger pudding. WONDERFUL!!

I never thought I would like to be stuck on a huge ship for any amount of time let alone a week. Gosh was I wrong. There are claw marks on the gangplank them trying to get me to leave after the 7 days.

For all me horse people here on SS, I am looking for my first horse. Say a prayer that the good Lord will help me find that special one.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Open Road

I am late posting, I didn't go anywhere this week so I thought maybe I wouldn't post at all. Then decided to share some vacation pictures.

This is a shot of entering Zion National Park. My sister's family and I went out West 2 years ago spent time in the Grand Canyon. Bryce and Zion absolutely stunning country. I love this shot the mountain looks like it is cake icing dripping off the hill.
Going through a tunnel on the way to Zion.

This summer my niece and I took a trip to Atlanta and South Carolina. We had a great time however managed to get lost with a GPS even. My great nephew thought he would help us out a little!!! Kelly's Grandfather likes the road less traveled and we sure did see a lot of less traveld road that day. As you can tell from the bottom picture, trying to tell us where to turn is exhausting!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Macro Monday

Bumble Bee taken at sunflower patch.
One of the reasons I grow dill is to use the leaves in salads, however the real reason is these great caterpillars always raise on them. I think it is a swallowtail butterfly that is laying eggs but not sure.
It looks like there are little painted toe nails doesn't it?

Everyone have a Blessed week.