Sunday, August 23, 2009

Open Road

I am late posting, I didn't go anywhere this week so I thought maybe I wouldn't post at all. Then decided to share some vacation pictures.

This is a shot of entering Zion National Park. My sister's family and I went out West 2 years ago spent time in the Grand Canyon. Bryce and Zion absolutely stunning country. I love this shot the mountain looks like it is cake icing dripping off the hill.
Going through a tunnel on the way to Zion.

This summer my niece and I took a trip to Atlanta and South Carolina. We had a great time however managed to get lost with a GPS even. My great nephew thought he would help us out a little!!! Kelly's Grandfather likes the road less traveled and we sure did see a lot of less traveld road that day. As you can tell from the bottom picture, trying to tell us where to turn is exhausting!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Macro Monday

Bumble Bee taken at sunflower patch.
One of the reasons I grow dill is to use the leaves in salads, however the real reason is these great caterpillars always raise on them. I think it is a swallowtail butterfly that is laying eggs but not sure.
It looks like there are little painted toe nails doesn't it?

Everyone have a Blessed week.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


This was taken early in the morning looking out my front yard. Still after more than 30 years I am amazed at how beautiful Kentucky is.

Taken at dusk in my backyard after violent storms passed through the area.
A friends silo and sunflower fields. I missed their peak but still took some great pictures. We were once again being threatened by storms.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Monday Macro

This is Addie, the newest addition to the zoo! I think this picture makes her look like those big headed critters on the Hallmark cards!! She is standing in the flowers basket about 5 feet up.

Last Tuesday the neighbors and I were sitting outside and suddenly the cries of a frantic kitten could be heard. Michaela scooped up Buster just as a small kitten with tail straight up barreled into my arms!! The question arises "Where did she come from?"

The neighbor's son had surgery Tuesday in Louisville (he is fine) and they said people were chasing a kitten in the parking garage. I think Ms. Addie hitched a ride (60+ miles) in the engine compartment of their car. Well wherever she came from I am Blessed to have her come into my life. Dennis is still holding out commitment.

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Peace and Love