Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Finds

It has been awhile since I have done a Friday Find. I found this wonderful studio on Artfire and knew I had to share with all of you. Holly of Spoiledbratzwear creates the most adorable pet clothes. I just love them. Please check out here shops on both Etsy and the link above which is Artfire.
She does rescue work and that top picture just get me, this is why I don't do rescue work!!
I know we could all see Buster in this one. I interviewed Holly last week and here is the interview:
I guess I should do a few questions to put in so here we go:

1. Your studio is so cute, how did you decide to make dog apparel? I've always dabbled in sewing since childhood and about 2 years ago I had this idea for a little hood for my dogs. I still have the first one I made. It's an ugly brown but I put in on my dog's head and a lightbulb went off! When you have little dogs with not a lot of fur, you need clothes for them! We moved from the desert to the mountains and it was a big adjustment for them.
2. How long have you been making them? About two years
3. I love the one about you being a Foster mom failure- how many pets do you have and are they all rescues? Oh gosh...promise not to tell my HOA! Currently we have 7 little doggies with us, two are fosters. Our first three dogs, ages 12, 10 and 8 were all purchased from small breeders, the last two are the fosters we FLUNKED with! I'm very involved with Italian greyhound rescue and I started a little group that raises funds for the seniors in foster care.
That coat is my first in a series of screenprinted items to promote rescue & fostering. I work parttime for a local screenprint artist and she's teaching me the trade.
4. Where else besides Artfire so you sell you items? I have been selling on Etsy for a year and I have a friend who makes leather goods and she takes my coats to dog shows. I actually designed the brocade coats specifically for her. The national IG rescue group also sells my products on their website.
5. Tell us the funniest story about one of your pets. When Valentino (he's my avatar in the pink hat) was a puppy 10 years ago, we only had one other dog, Mugzy our yorkie. Mugzy was happily chewing on a pig ear and Valentino wanted it. He tried and tried to be cute with his whining so Mugzy would give in to his puppiness, but it wasn't working. So, that smart little puppy RAN into the bedroom, barking his fool head off to distract Mugzy! Mugzy dropped his prize and went to see what all the fuss was about, and Valentino darted back into the livingroom and STOLE that pig ear. From that day on I knew he would be a little manipulator! He is the alpha of the house....well, besides me :)
6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully on 5 acres in Prescott AZ so I can expand on my rescue efforts and provide a sanctuary for senior dogs that society throws away when they become too expensive to care for.
If there is anything else you would like to share or tell us please do
I love being home with my *kids* and fosters so I'm really happy I can sew and offer things in such a unique setting like Artfire. I'm really excited about it. I've had an online store selling healthy pet food and treats since '02 and really enjoy that too.
Creating things that are fun and functional and that people appreciate is a wonderful gift, and this is probably the MOST fun I've ever had working. My favorite thing is when customers send me pics of their dogs modeling my fashions! I hope to be able to do it for many years and hopefully someday make a living at it!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

We have been without light for 24 four hours. Might I add 24 very cold hours. We have gas logs that heat the house so we stayed warm and also used the generator for the fridge and freezer. OK we did hook the TV up to watch the news and the computer. We had no Internet service for the later. Our neighbors 86 year old Mom and her daughter came and camped out in the Family room, I slept on the Living Room couch and Dennis crashed in the bed. Donnie and Michelle had family and friends stay also. Don and Katie hosted 5 people including a small baby. Hope that doesn't change his mind about having children!!
This is of the walnut tree in the side yard. I normally cannot reach any of the branches and now have to duck to get through it.
Beautiful shot looking int Ramers field.
This is our pine thicket in the back. We spent hours planting these guys and they were just getting to be the right size. I loved sitting in them in the summer and listening to the breeze through them. They were/are a great habitat for the birds. Some may come back but most are broken off.

Buster finally enjoyed the weather after the 2 inches of snow we had. He runs and burrows his nose in the snow.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm

There is weather and then there is WEATHER! I think ice storms are the worse, in the winter. This storm is just beginning I think they are expecting more ice this afternoon through the night. I am thankful that I do not need to go anywhere. Buster is not having a good time either, the ice hurts his paws and he falls down and the noises the trees make scares him.
Here are a few pictures snapped on our 15 minute walk this morning. We have already lost some branches and the trees are all touching the ground.
This is a picture of a cone flower pretty isn't it. Dennis had to come and walk us back to the back porch, that sad. Our yard slopes and I went uphill OK but got a little freaked out going down. I thought 6 months gone in one second!!

This is my favorite picture taken right outside our back door. I love the icicles hanging from the bell. Not a whole lot more to say, I just wanted to share early in case the electricity goes out. Stay warm everyone and maybe I'll come back today to write more.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Colorful isn't it? I am so tired of the winter doldrums I decided I needed color. I listed it on Artfire tonight along with some earrings. Still trying to get the hang of the light box I was given for Christmas this year. It is very different from taking pictures outside.

A few weeks ago I joined Facebook, yes I really thought I needed another thing to keep tabs on. I have gotten a few friends that I know from the crafting community hey my son is even a friend of mine. But I haven't figured out how to track old friends. This afternoon I got a friend request from a girl I went to grade school and High school with, HOW did she find me? I use my married name. Then in and among her friends was another old school friend. She has 5 kids and 10 grandchildren.. Holy Smokes don't think I will beat that record!! We have written back and forth a couple of times this afternoon catching up on 40 years. This may take a few afternoons to finish.

Last night I missed LOST new season show. Lost is the only prime time show I watch and actually I buy the DVD after season watch then resell it. I got hooked the year I had my knee surgery and rented season 1 from Blockbusters. Working nights always kept me from staying awake to see it in real time hence the DVD's.( the guys at work all knew they couldn't talk about Lost in front of me) This is the first time I have ever gotten to see it and I missed it!! Tonight I figured out how to use ABC's site and watched it on the computer.

Amazing two great new ways to use my computer.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Buster has a play date

She is awful cute isn't she? Meet Cooper Ginny's new dog. You need to know Buster does not play with other dogs! (I am hiding this so he doesn't see I typed Buster and dog in the same sentence) Sure he likes his family, but that is it. It took these two more than an hour to get to the playing part. The first time Cooper jumped on my lap I thought Buster was going to cry. Then all of a sudden Buster got down in the I wanna play stance and next thing we knew they were playing. We will have to go back again to play.

My Bluegrass Etsy Street Team is on a new venue Squidoo. I don't know much about it but it looks intresting here is the link.
. Take a look see what you think.

Talking about other venues I have discovered Plurk. It is a network a lot like Twitter, but I think I may like it more. You can read responses for what you have written. Here is the link for that if you would like to take a look. I think I am spending way too much time on the computer. Hurry spring

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I think that this is the greatest tree, I love the white bark on it. Not the greatest picture but it has been cold here see the ice on the lake behind the tree? I am a wimp and didn't take the time I should have.

Dennis and I went to Panera Bread for lunch today. Yes I did threaten him!! Why do men not like that place? Anyway ran into two of my Bluegrass Etsy team members. Rachel from Wilmothfarms she makes the most wonderful soaps and even Dennis likes the lip balm, and then Libby who also make wonderful soap and body butter. She has been Rachel's mentor. Libby had her daughter Maylee with her, OK I wanted to snuggle her to pieces!! She has the most beautiful eyes, and she liked me:)

Libby had mentioned on our team site about a site to help advertise your shop, "Own the Hour" I don't know much about it but I purchased two slots for tomorrow. I have a link on the right side of my page. It is .50 a slot for an hour. Hey thought I could afford 1.00!

Not much more to say here tonight. Life is a little the same when you don't work and it is too cold to want to go anywhere.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I finally got back into a groove. I took pictures today, edited them and post most on Artfire. Listing on Etsy on the weekends is useless so I guess I will wait till Monday for that site.
I love these beads, just wish I knew what they were! I purchased some many years ago and thought they were all gone. ( See it does pay to sometimes clean your studio.) There is more green than shows in the picture but it is the shape of the bead that is so cool.
I love the ear wire, purchased from an Etsy shop. They have been oxidized to the greatest color.
Green Quartz, just cool

These beads were bought on a "sneak attack" on Etsy. Not my normal style, but I like the way they turned out. What is a sneak attack you ask? A group on ETSY three times a week plan attacks on shops that have not had any sales on ETSY. It is really quite fun I don't do it often enough but love it when I do. The shop owner suddenly has all of these sales. To Learn more check out their blog.

I have been a little under the weather for the past couple of days. I hope Tomorrow I will feel better.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Goodnight Moon

I walked past my front window and thought "Why is the moon in my yard?" It is a reflection in the neighbors pond. Would have been a much better picture had I wanted to brave the cold and go outside but.....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Who made the BEST cake

Tonight we had the most interesting contest at church, which man could make the best cake!! With NO HELP from the female part of their life. There were 21 cakes that showed up. Considering we only have about 200 members I think that was a great turnout. Above is my selections we were all judges. (I think the planning was awful this past Wed. we started a watch weight class!!!)I just took a bite of each one except for my favorite the one on the bottom. Jam Cake I ate that whole piece. The cakes were all pretty good and the wives all looked exhausted from the stress of not making it themselves.
This is Conner, I think he is just the most handsome boy. He has just beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile. I always thought him to be a quite child until the first time I had nursery duty. His Mom and Dad have their hands full. He isn't bad just active.
Anna was busy taking pictures as I was taking hers. She is always a happy child, beautiful curly hair and blue eyes

Mamaw was taken to a nursing home at the end of last week. I pray it is just to build up her strength and she will be able to return to the assisted living.

I really have not even thought about my shops or jewelry in two weeks.(What is it about sitting in a hospital room that makes you so tired?) Now that things have calmed down I am going to attempt to start at it again. I received some great beads and findings from a few shops and an itching to get at them.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just need some Prayers

Gosh it doesn't seem like over a week since I last posted. The week before New Years my Mother-in-Law was hospitalized for pneumonia. She turned 90 in September and as you can see may weigh 100 pounds. She has COPD from being around second hand smoke most of her life so her lungs are fragile at their best. I have spent much time with her over the past week and it just breaks my heart. The medicine made her mind not work correctly, so I caught lots of bugs for her but refused to go into the corn field to help cut fodder Told her I had on good shoes. She said OK it was men's work anyway. I am not making fun of her but it is easier to laugh than cry.

Dennis would fuss at me cause I humored her, what am I supposed to do? When she would get really agitated I started reading the bible and that calmed her down. Then we would talk about the passage I read. (It was the Gideon's Bible so it was like reading something totally new.) The word of God is powerful no matter what version you read.

Tomorrow we sign paper to place her in a nursing home, I hope for just a short time. I hope she regains strength and can go back to the assisted living. I do wish I could take her her but we live in a tri level and with my arm it wouldn't work.

Pleas put her in your prayers, Dennis too this is very had on him.