Monday, May 26, 2008


The last of my fur kids is Max. I know it is an awful picture, but let me explain. Most of the people I know do not even know I have Max. He only appears when we are alone he is a very very shy cat. So I am pretty proud to even have a picture of him, after all I was pointing a strange object at him! He also is Buster's best friend. They play for ever outside, Max taking the worst of it.

Now let me explain what Max used to look like. A month ago Max looked like a Maine Coon, with so much fur he waddled. A month ago Dennis started our brush pile on fire, poor Max was hiding from the world in there. He spent 2 1/2 days at the Vet's, he had burned 2 paws and singed his hair. He kinda looked like a poodlecat!!!

When I went to the Vets to pick him up. Well the could have put me in a room with two cats and I would not know which was mine! Max used to be a Tabby, now he is gray and white. I am wondering if his fur will grow out the same?

He is doing fine, I think he my even like his new look.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Trip

Because of my work schedule we rarely go anywhere on Sunday. Today because of Memorial Day we got to take a day trip, it wasn't far just to the lake. The cicadias were out there I have always thought they are neat. I love to listen to them it reminds me of a lazy Summer day. The trees looked like they had ornaments with all the cicadia shells on them. I took a great picture of one, hard to believe something so strange looking make such lovely music.

Sunday Morning

I spent yesterday planting the rest of my flowers. Aren't these the most beautiful combination on colors? I have no real plan to my gardens or pots, I just plant what I like and where there is space. My neighbor this week asked which were weeds and which were flowers, and I said if they bloom they are flowers! I sowed seeds so it kinda looks like lots of weeds now, but wait till summer.
I was featured in another Treasury today. Colbalt blue is the theme and a pair of my earrings were used. I always feel so honored to be included in a Treasury.

Friday, May 23, 2008


This is one of my favorite pictures of Buster. All four paws are off the ground running as fast as he can to bring us the ball. Dennis and Donald hit golf balls into the field, and one of the things Buster and I do on walks is find them. Buster will find them himself and dig them out and bring them to me.

Looking forward to a long weekend I have nothing planned. I would like to go to the Farmer's Market they have the most wonderful homemade bread there. The wheat is milled the night before baking, it is a real treat. Not to mention the other goodies there too. Then to buy pepper plants and of course flowers.

Have a blessed weekend

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meet Kit "Nosey Cat"

This is Kit, she was born and raised on the property. I have to tell you this because she seems wild most of the time. Her Mom was a feral cat I brought home from work, Kit seem to inherit those genes. Everyone is afraid to pet her , you never know how many fingers you will have. My son used to pick her up and just hold on to her, she never hurt him so I guess she liked it. When she decides to be snugly with me on the hammock, I just let her lay there. She is also called Nosey Cat. If you are digging a hole she is the one with her nose stuck in it to see what you are doing. Kit has become a little more social as she ages (10) we can pet her more often and she actually will come up to the dogs . She is a beautiful cat, I have always love Calico cats.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yellow Flower and Steady Bee

I don't know what the name of this flower is. I think part of the Primrose family. I grows wild in a rock patch we have. I just love them, they are so cheerful and pretty. They bloom for just a short while in the Spring. I grew up calling these bugs Steady Bees. You know the ones that hover around you?

My camera is wonderful, I carry it on all our walks never know what a great shot I might have.

Time for me to get ready for bed. Night

Meeting the Boys

This is Chub, he is around 14 years old. Chub has been the best dog ever, he has never been sick, has the gentlest spirit I have ever seen in a dog. When we used to go to the lake I would bring Chub down to the boat with me a night and fish tied to the dock. I always used minnows, one night when he was small he would keep going to the back of the boat. I didn't really pay attention to what he was doing until I went to get that next minnow, Yep Chub had eaten all the minnows out of the bucket!!! He still came fishing with me, but the minnows were much closer to me.
My son couldn't swim when Chub was with us, Chub would jump in a rescue Donald. Over and Over again!
I know we don't have much longer with this wonderful dog, I just thank the Lord we have had as much time with him.

Monday, May 19, 2008

THE Queen

This is Boots "The Queen", she is about 20 years old, none of us can remember anymore. She rules the roost. None of the dogs or other cats bother her, if they forget and do she just sits down and raises her paw. I have seen both Nick and Buster stop in mid stride when the paw has been raised. She has become a talker in her old age, she meows when you are too close, too far, needs to be petted..................
More this week, you will meet all the critters soon.

A Great Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend here in Kentucky. Spring is my favorite season, this one has been spectular. There was not a hard frost after the first warm up and the trees and flowers have been beautiful. This is one of my yellow Iris. Last year none of them bloomed due to a late freeze. They seem even more beautiful this year!

This is Nick enjoying the weekend too. He has gotten old enough to rest just a little. Nick runs a full speed and just plops down all in one motion. He doesn't even slow dowm, silly dog. They dogs all love the weekend, because Mom is home and everyone is outside all day long!

I must leave this blog to go play with the boys before the rain comes in.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Etsy Treasury

These earrings are beauties aren't they. My dear fried Jill made the beads and I made them jewelry. They are on a longer earwire to have them gently whisper at your neck.
What a wonderful surprise I had this week, I have been in three ETSY Treasuries. What an honor to be noticed with all the talented ETSY artists. I have had some luck with sales on ETSY, I think it is slow for everyone. It still makes me happy to be hearted