Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Morning

I spent yesterday planting the rest of my flowers. Aren't these the most beautiful combination on colors? I have no real plan to my gardens or pots, I just plant what I like and where there is space. My neighbor this week asked which were weeds and which were flowers, and I said if they bloom they are flowers! I sowed seeds so it kinda looks like lots of weeds now, but wait till summer.
I was featured in another Treasury today. Colbalt blue is the theme and a pair of my earrings were used. I always feel so honored to be included in a Treasury.

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Anonymous said...

what gorgeous photos! I clicked on the bee entry - and was amazed at the clarity... you, m'dear are finding your own! Love the purple/yellow color combo. Hey, why not put a link to the treasury on here?