Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Camera

I thought the sun coming through the leaves was so pretty. It is hard to move and get a great angle, it just felt wonderful to have my camera back in my hand. It is amazing how many pictures can be taken sitting in a chair.
I sit in the same chair close to the feeders. Those little guys buzz us all day long. I brought my camera last night and they all turned shy. None of them came to the closest feeder. Challenge is on, yep I could be feeling better!

how i spend my days

watching Dennis take care of my flowers, it is an everyday job to water , i still deadhead myself.
notice the guard dog. we sit in the queen chair and watch the world go by. there are three hummingbird feeders close by so i watch the 7 hummer's we have. they amaze me how fast they fly. sometimes one fly around the corner with it's wings all flared out, it reminds me of a jet fighter. they are used to us so they will come up to us when they get low on food.
it is early, i will try to post again today.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

home again

surgery was a success. Dr. been was very pleased how everything turned out. a cadaver bone was used to support my arm, otherwise it would have been a shoulder replacement. pt was started before i left the hospital, nothing difficult just to keep my muscles from becoming weak.
ms Neda brought our dinner to us tonight. what a blessing the church has become. bro moon stayed with Dennis until about 9:30 Sunday morning, then returned later in the evening.i have received many cards and calls , makes us feel special.
this is the new color of the roof and gutters. pretty isn't it. we are painting all the exposed areas the color of the back porch. it will look nice when it is all finished.
guess i will get going, maybe soon i will be able to do capital letters without spellcheck.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

regal kit

She is a beautiful cat
I saw the Dr. yesterday, surgeryis scheduled for Sunday morning. I think I was doing OK with all of this until he said he thought if in 6 monthes, I would be able to comb my hair I would be doing great. The reality sunk in. Surgery is just the beginning of this long road. PT will be 6 mo or more. I shall put my faith in the Great Physician.
Enough of the whinny stuff! Life is intresting, I have figured out ways to accomplish chores without needing help. Feeding Buster, I pull chair over to food bowl, sit then i can pick the bowl up. My toes have come in handy ( !) picking up dropped items on floor.
I will be back in a few days. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


As my neighbor said, " Does life get any better, Macy's fireworks and an eagle sitting in our tree". This was our guest for about a week, magnificent is the only word I can think of. I took several pictures of him they are huge birds. Watching him fish was great, just watching him in flight. They are rare visitors to our neck of the woods so a real treat when they do come.

Where have I been? What happened?

This is Butterfly Weed,
isn't it an odd name for such a beautiful plant?
Last Thursday I fell and broke my humerus up near the shoulder. i have yet to see the Ortho
Dr., but did get my x-rays from the hospital yesterday. I don't think it sounds good.
Life has been a challenge as of late. My left arm is in a sling I can't even raise it to get clothes on is really rather funny. Dennis has to help me and he is such a good helper. I bought all these cute little tops from Eddie Bauer that have no sleeves and have tiny buttons (say it Jill and laugh) watching him try to close them is sweet.
Friday morning I got the urge for Tapioca and somehow made it myself. I was so proud of my accomplishment. For those of you who don't know me well, I have a slight stubborn streak. (OK, ever body stop laughing and get off floor) Sat evening I decided not to bother Dennis and make my dinner. I chased zucchini and onions around the cutting board, cracked eggs, reached in fridge to get garlic. I had to move the pudding , it slipped out of my hand did a 1 1/2 gainer and landed on my feet. Oh ya on feet, floor, rug, ceiling getting picture. My stubborn streak cost Dennis about 45 min. of cleaning I don't think he was happy.
Catch you all later.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Passion Flower

This is the most spectacular flower it looks like an alien. It took me years to get one to grow from seed . Every year I would harvest seeds from the wild ones and try to grow them. Finally one grew two years ago. The are now kinda like weeds in my front garden popping up everywhere. Can I pull them up? No, that is why my front garden looks like it does. No order everything is just growing. I love it!! It drives Dennis crazy that it is all in rambles, but I think he knows better than to touch it.
I had my first garden tomato. Should have taken a picture, but the knife and salt were first in the house. It was very good and worth waiting for. Still can't wait for the heirlooms to come in. They are so worth growing. They taste just like the tomatoes did when I was a child.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back home

Buster gets a bath twice a week. Not because he or I like it, because he is jsut a messy dog! OK I was gone for a week Buster was actually brown and gray. He has so much fun rolling in the dirt, grass and playing with the Big Boys he just gets super dirty. I wash him in Philosophy shampoo so his coat is super soft and shiny.

It is nice to be home, but I already wish all of us lived closer.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Very different Vacation

Tuesday morning my Mom was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. I thought she was having a stroke. It turned out not to be and she was checked out for two days and I think we have her on the mend. Needless to say plans changed, we didn't get to the zoo. I stayed with Mom in case she needed something and when she came home I am chief cook and bottle washer. The only good thing about it was I was there to call an ambulance for her.
I forgot the strangest thing that happened that day. kathy and I weere sitting outside the emergency room and a lady and her Mom were walking by. I looked up as she did and we both started screaming. It was my best friend from high school. What are the odds. God does work in mysterious ways. We had breakfast the next day for over 2 hours. I don't think we will lose touch again.
This morning the town next to Mom had a balloon race, my cousin and her family invited me to go with them. 5:00 am was pretty early, but I snuck out without waking anyone and went. It was beautiful. There were 13 balloons including the Energizer Bunny he is taller than the Statue of Liberty. It never could get enough hot air to raise ( yep everyone who knows me is now thing "with you there!". The sky was clear and the most beautiful shade of blue. We went out to eat breakfast after the liftoff. It was fun and I so enjoy my cousin.
I leave for Kentucky tomorrow. It will be good to be home wish I could move my family there.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Morning Walk

Morton's Arboretum was founded in 1922, it is a beautiful oasis in the middle of a hectic life. I remember going there as a small child at Easter so we could have our pictures taken with the daffodils, there were fields of them.
This morning I got up early and walked around the lake where there are these amazing sculptures of insects. They are made of wood, pictures above is the Damsel Fly and Daddy Long legs. Amazing is a good for them isn't it? The morning was wonderful cool and sunny perfect for a walk. I took some great pictures then finished drinking a cup of coffee at the cafe.
Today we have nothing special planned, but tomorrow the Zoo, I am so excited. I LOVE THE ZOO. Brookfield Zoo is one of the top rated zoo's in the world and was always one of my favorite places to go as a child.