Saturday, July 19, 2008

regal kit

She is a beautiful cat
I saw the Dr. yesterday, surgeryis scheduled for Sunday morning. I think I was doing OK with all of this until he said he thought if in 6 monthes, I would be able to comb my hair I would be doing great. The reality sunk in. Surgery is just the beginning of this long road. PT will be 6 mo or more. I shall put my faith in the Great Physician.
Enough of the whinny stuff! Life is intresting, I have figured out ways to accomplish chores without needing help. Feeding Buster, I pull chair over to food bowl, sit then i can pick the bowl up. My toes have come in handy ( !) picking up dropped items on floor.
I will be back in a few days. :)


angelinabeadalina said...

Mari, I never thought about the recovery phase BUT you are going to take your stubborn streak with you to physical therapy and get it done in a whole lot less than six months :) Hugs and lots of quick healing vibes, Ang

WhimsybyMari said...

thanks ang, when the dr. said he i would be doing good if i could brush my hair at 6 mo i got a little bummed out.

JillSymons said...

don't get bummed out... we'll all be 'pushing' you. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow, sweetie - everything will be fine.

It could've been SO much worse.
love, Jill