Monday, July 7, 2008

Passion Flower

This is the most spectacular flower it looks like an alien. It took me years to get one to grow from seed . Every year I would harvest seeds from the wild ones and try to grow them. Finally one grew two years ago. The are now kinda like weeds in my front garden popping up everywhere. Can I pull them up? No, that is why my front garden looks like it does. No order everything is just growing. I love it!! It drives Dennis crazy that it is all in rambles, but I think he knows better than to touch it.
I had my first garden tomato. Should have taken a picture, but the knife and salt were first in the house. It was very good and worth waiting for. Still can't wait for the heirlooms to come in. They are so worth growing. They taste just like the tomatoes did when I was a child.

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angelinabeadalina said...

Yum! The first tomato does have an excellent taste, no matter what variety! (Okay, so for me, since I'm green thumb challenged, the "first" is whatever tomato I first get to eat at Mother's.) Love that passion flower!