Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, April 20, 2009

I received my parcel for the Maker's Swap I entered last month and I can't tell you how much I love everything. Peta-Jane you did the most amazing job and did so much better that people I have know all my life in gift giving. Thank you with all me heart. Peta-Jane is from Australia and does some of the most amazing handwork, I have her Blog link above. First was this Shopping Tote, in what I would certainly call Mari Color's! It is exactly what I would have picked. It is roomy and has long straps and I am sure will be my going to work bag.

Next was this great Jewelry Travel case with zippered compartments and just perfect to store all my jewelry for a trip.

But I know which Buster liked the most. It is the cutest hand knitted Sweater which fits him perfect. Doesn't he look dapper? I put it on him and he started prancing around the yard he is very proud of it. Peta-Jane thank you again I loved everything you sent and it has been a joy to get to know you too.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunday Stills Challenge: The next Challenge..Religion

The first three pictures are of the church I attend it is one of the oldest established churches in Hardin County. When it was built, the timbers were all cut on site and there were brick ovens built also to make the red clay bricks for the building.. The church also sit on on of the highest hills in Hardin county, I love the beautiful pine trees in the second photo. The name Blue Ball came from the Amish that settled the area, in the mornings the haze created a blue tinge to the hillside.
I sit near the second window in the picture, the sun would not cooperate this week for me.

The last three pictures are from St. John's Church in Rineyville. There is a beautifully kept cemetery next to the church and there many old tombstones in it.

This has no particular faith involved in this one, it can be churches or icons. Mostly its for the architecture of churches,I’ve seen some beautiful old churches, stained glass,etc…. So let your mind wander and see what ya can come up with.

I had fun this week I just wish I had know our challenge Easter morning. Driving to Sunrise services we passed a church that is on the East side of the road. Normally it is a unassuming church, but Easter morning they too were getting ready for services. Lights were on in the church (it sets in a field) and the sun was just giving off it's first light. The church seemed to be glowing. As we drove by I thought that is one of the prettiest things I'd ever seen.
I have been a little busy this week listing on Artfire. Above is a set I did with fossilized Jasper and I think it turned out quite nice.
But this is my favorite of the week. Beautiful purple lampwork beads that range from opaque to transparent with silvered Ivory stringer work. I have it listed on Artfire but may decide to unlist it!!!!

Monday I have the most special post. I did a swap with a gal from down under and I recieved her post today. I can;t even tell you which gift I like more. Come back Monday and I'll have pictures and everything. Peta-Jane you are WONDERFUL.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last night we celebrated our next door neighbors Birthday. Niel turned 15 and all the neighborhood went to Tumbleweeds to celebrate. The above picture shows Niel reading a Special Birthday greeting from one of us who could not be there. (Wonder who that is?)
So sad when everyone but you knows what your getting isn't it? Yep everyone but Neil knew he was getting his own cell phone. The package was put behind him and then Donnie called the number, wish I had caught that expression.

Here is Ginny a dear friend of mine besides being a neighbor. It is always so nice to celebrate good times with good friends. As you can see all of us had a great time. Ginny is a very accomplished crocheter and has lovely items in her Etsy Shop.

This is Rachel and Norm, gotcha Norm. He hates having his picture taken patience once again pays off and I have a couple good ones Rae! I have to sneak in here she makes the most amazing bath products. I am official guinea pig ( a title I enjoy) and have been using here LOTION BAR. I went swimming yesterday and after the shower took the Bar and rubbed it on my legs and arms. It was the first time I didn't feel all itchy after being in chlorine. It is so convenient to carry, it just pops in a small tin and when you need it you take it out and rub it on your skin.

Thanking all my great neighbors and friends for the friendship and love we all have. They are like extended family to us.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunday Still----Red

Red-my favorite color, it makes me happy. I even think it is a neutral so I was ecstatic over this weeks challenge.

I even brought my camera to Lowe's this week lots of beautiful flowers. This is my first attempt at this technique how so you think I did?
The tulips were at a neighbors, I like the contrast of the yellow and red ones
The bird house was also at Evelyn's who loves Red as much as I do, no wonder we are friends.
Red sky at morning sailor's take warning, this was an early morning shot standing in my front yard The old saying was right, it was very windy day. To see more Sunday Stills follow this link then click on the comments.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Beautiful aren't they? I love to see them in the spring, but they are so evasive. I have one flower garden that has almost been taken over by them and I find it hard to pull them up.

Today was rainy but quite a bit warmer than it has been. Weather forecasters are calling for a nice Easter weekend, sure hope they are right. Dennis and I will attend Sunrise Services this Sunday and then dinner with Don and Katie.

I took a long walk this evening between rain showers. It felt great to plug myself into "My Tunes" and head off down the road. I have a few extra pounds that snuck up on me this winter and I need to make them leave. Walking is the easiest thing for me to do right now. so it was a mile tonight and for one week and then build myself back up to my old routine.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The first official flower of the season has arrived in full force!!!! I have spent the better part of this week de-dandlioning my flower gardens. The yard is a lost cause. Yesterday my neighbor Evelyn and I spent a great afternoon together getting rid of the pesky plants in one of her gardens. She is having a party in May to celebrate their daughters college graduation and need to get the gardens in shape. It is a lot more fun pulling weeds with friends.

Evelyn and I go to Water Aerobics twice a week together. Dr. Been felt that it would help my shoulder. It has been two weeks and I can tell a difference already. A difference in my balance also, you use your core muscles to keep yourself from drowning.

I have been taking pictures of RED this week for Sunday Stills. I have some good shots but hope to get out again.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sunday Stills "Husbandry"

This weeks Sunday Stills was on Husbandry, that confused me for a moment so I looked it up.. Here is the definition Husbandry So I thought to myself there will be lots of cows and horses what can I take pictures of?

My friend raises Boer goats this year they had 38 kids more than expected. We drove down this week Oh MY Goodness cute does not fit the bill here. All I can say is I would love to have a goat.
This little one is a bottle fed baby and he bawled the whole time I was in the barn until I walked over to see him. All he wanted was for me to skritch the top of his head Dennis had to drag me away from the place.
I felt the need to take a picture of cows only because they are all around our house.
The farm below us has two donkeys so Buster and I wondered down to see them. Farmers keep them for protection of their herd and also something about pinkeye? The larger of the two barns in the background is where the family lives. It has been redone and is really very cool. The upper right half is fixed up into a great home overlooking a lake.

Not to be left out this is Jack, the goat guardian. Jack is one of the largest dogs I have every seen his head came up to my waist but it was his mass that was imposing. Did I mention Diane was not home when we went to see the goats, it took me a minute or two to make sure Jack was just all bark. His mate Jill and he stay out with the stock and protect them. He was very lovable Jill prefered the goats to us!!

Want to see everyones pictures just click on the link Sunday Stills