Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Fabulous Finds

Took this picture last thing last night, just as the sun was leaving. It was a specular day yesterday in the high 60's sunny no wind. Bitter sweet knowing it will be one of the last beautiful days of Fall. I sat outside and let the boys play all day
while I read and tried to draw. Here they are, Chub, Buster and Nick. Chub is so old he is hard of hearing almost blind and had a stubborn streak before all that!! So now I let him out and he can't hear to come back and doesn't see me waving hand signals. I chased him all over trying to catch him last night.

I love this pillow. It is from check out her shop it is so cute. Her fabric is to die for. I have this pillow and one other marked as a favorite. I think they would be so cute in my family room. Her daughters shop is also a favorite of mine. She has the cutest drawings.
The title of my post?? I decided ever Friday I would showcase an etsy shop or two.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ACKK Tagged again.

Where is your mobile phone? being charged
Where is your significant other? watching TV downstairs.
Your hair colour? Dark dark brown with a little white( I like it, so no color for me)
Your mother? lives in Chicago and is 85
Your father? died years ago
Your favourite thing? I am easily pleased. but I am going to say laughing with Kat or Jill
Your dream last night? Don't remember
Your dream goal? Have a great kitchen
The room you're in? Living Room
Your hobby? Jewelry making, reading, drawing, gardening
Your fear? You know it happened this summer, breaking my shoulder and you know what I'm OK. I have always found facing them is the best way to get over them.
Where do you want to be in six years? Living here with a great kitchen
Where were you last night? At the movies watching Fireproof
What you're not? Sure of myself
One of your wish-list items? LAPTOP (in caps in case anyone tells Dennis:))
Where you you grew up? Illinois
The last thing you did? Used my machine to help my bone grow
What are you wearing? Black leggins, red sweatshirt, socks and birkis
Your TV? mine not on
Your pets? BUster, Nick, Chub (dogs) Boots, Max, Kit (cats)
Your computer? awful and old
Your mood? happy
Missing someone? my sis Tish, I wish we coud have grown old together
Your car? Hyundi
Something you're not wearing? makeup
Favourite shop? There is a bead store in Illinois I love
Your summer? Laying in the hammock, reading and Physical therapy
Love someone? Yes for 30+ years
Your favourite colour? Red everyone who knows me knows I think it is a neutral
When is the last time you laughed? This morning
Last time you cried? Movies last night

Don't worry Rachal I'll get you !!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Treated me today

Isn't this beautiful?? I thought so too. It is now on the way to me house to live and keep me warm. My shoulder really hurts in the cold so I thought this was the perfect solution and look good at the same time. is the creator of this wrap. Take a look at her shop she has the most beautiful hats and wraps in very yummy colors. I know this is very Mari looking!!

Tonight I am off to see Fireproof at the show. Maybe a review is in order tomorrow.

Monday, October 27, 2008

OH NO I've been tagged

Horrors of horrors!! I am a pretty open person so there is not too much people do not know about me. My friends have all known me for years, hey they still love me so I guess it is OK.I am supposed to tell you 7 things about me you might not know, then tag 7 of my friends. (OK so maybe after this they are no longer friends!!)

1) Everyone knows I LOVE peanut butter, but did you know that I eat it out of the jar? and if I am really bad add a spoon of honey! Who needs the extra calories of bread.

2)Everyone knows me as being gregarious, lively, never meeting a stranger and sometimes even loud--but I LOVE quite and solitude. Sitting in the pine thicket and just being is one of my favorite things to do.

3)I LOVE PEEPS!! ( Used to buy them for my son, yeah I knew he didn't like em) I do try to restrict myself to Christmas , but Halloween, Valentines and Easter sneak in. I love the grainy texture of the sugar and the creamy of the insides. Sugar Rush...

4)Libby I love the smell of books too. I don't think that is so strange. I get overwhelmed at the bookstore cause I don't know what to focus on first.

5)I really dislike shopping at Walmart. I would rather pay the higher price of Krogers to have a pleasant shopping experience. On the other hand I adore Big Lots, someone figure that out.

6)I love designing jewelry, but I really do not like to do custom work. I feel all restrained and everything has to have way to much order. The last Mother Bracelet I made I thought I would loose my mind. When I dropped it off the lady said her daughter just told her she was expecting again and soon I would have to add another strand!!! IS THERE NO MERCY?? There is a reason my worktable is a mess.

7) I get lost all the time, but the funny thing is even strangers will follow me like I know what I am doing. I have no sense of direction but must look like I know what I am doing. Ask my sister she could tell you some hysterical stories about being lost. I embarass my husband when I do it, but I just laugh why get upset.
1. Rachal
2. Jill
3. Angie
4. Deb
5. Kathy
6. Elegant Bloggery
7. see this is even odder I do not read 7 blogs to know seven people.

Friday, October 24, 2008


For those of you who do not like butternut squash, I think it is because you do not eat it correctly. I think you should eat it like Nick !! Nick sneaks into the garage every day and steals a squash from the bin. He then runs around the yard with it in his mouth growling and huffing.
You then throw it up in the air and do the pounce thingy and then run once again like a maniac through the yard.

Plop down take a few bite and do it all over again. This dog is just not right I really do prefer mine with butter salt and pepper!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The most glorious news

I can't think of a better picture than this to put on my blog tonight. This is Blueball Baptist Church, the church I attend. It is the oldest church community in Hardin county.

Back to subject.. I went to the Dr. today and received the best news. (For those who are reading this for the first time, I shattered my shoulder in July) The Physical Therapist always sends a note to the Dr. Guy said I had 145 degree rotation in my arm forward. Dr. Been ( The world's BEST surgeon) said that was not possible. He asked me to show him and I did. He got the biggest smile on his face and told us that he never, never thought I would be able to do that in 8 months let alone 3!!! I told him all the glory is The Lord's he looked at me smiled and said yes. He called me his miracle patient. That with the damage I had, there should be no way I can do the things I can do. YAHOOS

He told the Dept. of Labor nurse it was my positive attitude also that got me where I am now.
Said I had the most positive spirit of any of his patients. Quite a compliment isn't it.

I get to go back to work sometime next week, arrangements are being made. Still light duty for awhile. Hey I can only lift 2 pounds with my left arm.

I feel Blessed, today when I got home it was the first time I every fell to my knees to thank God. Right there in the front where I stayed all summer. I thought it fitting I thank Him there cause I prayed there all summer. The song "Blessed be His name" has rolled through my head all day.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Walking with Nick

Nick and I went on a walk today. I drove us half way to Ginny's house silly right? He hates the neighbors dogs, I can control him usually however it wasn't worth the chance with my arm so we just drove past them. We both enjoyed the walk, it was in the 60's and sunny perfect weather for a romp. I walked about a mile, Nick ran full speed about 10!!
This is Norm do something to the field near Gin's. I remember him when he was 6 and would come to go sledding down our hill. It is so nice to have become part of a community watching the kids grow into adults, knowing that whenever you needed something they all would be there to help. In tirn we would be there for them. Norm has grown into a kind a generous man with a wicked sense of humor. He reminds me so much of his Grandfather and Dad.
These are Gin's horses watching Nick run like a Moran. The white one is a Perchon and is huge, I think her name is Molly. The one on the left is the one who always walks over to see me. I sure wish I could ride again.
This is actually what I saw of Nick most of the time I think we should so this walk a little more often. Get some of that energy out of him and some of the fat off me!!

Rachal (Norm's other half) has posted more soaps on her site. She has the prettiest one with bees on it. I bought some bars and used them as a door Prize at the Retreat it was the first one chosen. Take a look at her site I am sure you sill find one you like. They really have helped my hands feel softer. Tomorrow I am going to help her take some pictures of her new soaps.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Retreat

I spent a glorious weekend with 22 of the Ladies from my church. We went down to Diamond Caverns and had a Bible study done by Beth Moore called Loving Well. She is a powerful speaker and really brought a powerful message to us all. The jest of the whole thing is for us to learn to love ourselves before we can begin to love. If you every have the chance to see her or hear her please do. The absolute best part of the weekend was getting to know all the ladies at a different level Here are a few of us waiting for the program to begin. I can't remember laughing as hard as I did this weekend for a long time. We had 6 of us to a room and my roomies were all a perfect fit. There was a Talent or No talent show that left everyone crying from laughing so hard. Why is it we can let our guard down so well when it is just women?? I made Jill's Biscotti recipe. I thought everyone in the world has had Biscotti. Guess what they haven't! After a little convincing they all had a bite. That is all it took. It now looks like that is going to be my Christmas gift to a lot of folks!! Thanks Jill they were wonderful.
Our craft time was making picture frames. Above is the one I made. Ms. Jill again was a great help I brought glass hearts for the frames and my roommates all use one on there frame. Made me feel like she was right there with me, in spirit anyway. That is my niece Mary with me, what so you think is there a family resemblance? Now I guess I need to make Charlie one for Christmas too.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Turtles to a Wedding/ A Full Day

Turtles have always come into out yard to lay eggs. Normally they hatch much sooner than this I don't know if the weather had something to do with the late hatch. I have found three this week, one on the back stoop one in the garage and one outside. the first I gave to Doug the two in the picture I turned loose after the picture session. When Don was small we collected baby turtles and kept them in a tank. It was always so much fun to watch them, they actually got used to us and would climb on the rock and wait to be fed. We went to a beautiful wedding this afternoon. Our nephew Jeff married Brooke they now have a blended family of four boys. Better them then me right?? Great picture, do we all remember the feelings of that kiss? Her dress was just beautiful the train was in black and white and her veil edged in black. Striking dress and a beautiful wedding. The only grip I had is Mamaw wanted to leave before the cake was cut. Sorry guys I love wedding cake and I didn't get any!!!
This is my nephew Jeff and his son Dalton. Jeff is very very tall and Brooke is not!! It made it hard to get them both in a frame for a close up. I sure wish I could figure out how to take better inside pictures

A second neighbor opened up an Etsy shop this week. Pretty soon we will just have a Cecilia Street team. Take a few minutes and check out her shop she makes soap and from the bar I got they are very nice indeed. While your at it look at Ginny's too I have added lots more Halloween bags.

Peace and Love

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tater Peeling

The kids next door are out of school for fall break. Dennis has taken Neil hunting a few times this week, I am not sure who enjoys it the most. I got the brilliant idea I should have lunch for the boys when they got back. I called Michaela to ask if she would help. Two seconds later she was here with a white apron on!!! I took on the job of teaching her how to peel a potato. You know I have been doing it for 40 so years and it was strange taking it down to basics to a child. We need less to say she peeled one and I got the rest. (the one she did was beautiful!!) I do wish I had thought to take a picture. She was proud of the meal of chicken, mashed taters and corn.

Later Dennis drove us to Gin's so I could help her with Etsy. Michaela asked Gin to teach her how to crochet. That child earned an extra star today. It made Ginny so happy to help her. You know sometimes we forget how important it is to make someone feel needed. I have to keep this new talent quiet, I see lots of scarves in out future!!

Still have that wonderful Bluegrass sale goin on take a look. Christmas is right around the corner.

Tomorrow Michelle is taking me to PT. YOOHOO girls time out.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

And they call it Puppy Love

This is the cutest picture of Nick and Buster, I usually do not get both of them still at the same time. They are vying for my attention. Buster has become very protective of me ans no on messes with his Mommy. Nick has no idea Buster is the size of his head!! Buster will be depressed when I go back to work.
This is the lake across the street from us. It is the lowest I have ever seen it. They are calling for rain this afternoon and tomorrow I hope they are right. Hey I will even try to figure out how to put on a coat for the rain. Speaking of my shoulder. I got the Bone Stimulator yesterday. It is an ultrasound machine that is supposed to help my bone heal together faster. I use it for 20 minutes everyday. The Manuel says you can use it more than that but no studies have been done on more frequent use. Think I will stick to once a day, nope don't want a9 foot arm!!!
Dennis and Neil went hunting this morning. They had a great ime, but no deer.
See even young people can't get enough of the sale I am having!!!! That is Don looking at my site. He has never seen it before and was impressed.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Octoberfest Sale Bluegrass Etsy

Join us for our fabulous Octoberfest Sale! The following shops are offering their biggest discounts of the year, just in time for holiday gift shopping! Save up to 20% and free shipping on fine handmade jewelry, fine art, bath and body items, household decor, baby items, and clothing.
Sale is from now until October 19th.
To take advantage of these discounts, simply enter in the coupon code "BESTOF" in the "message to seller" in checkout, and wait for a revised invoice before paying. Easy~Peasy!
Visit these shops and save big:
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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Octoberfest Sale Bluegrass Etsy

The Bluegrass ETSY street team is having a sale now through October 19. Go and take a look , there are some great shops listed for the sale. (Me included. ) Christmas will be here sooner than we know it. MayleesGarden has some wonderful soap I love the peppermint and basil it is great on your hands and makes the bathroom smell divine. Check out our blog for all the teams and their shops.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another kind of Harvest

We live very close to an Amish community. Tonight we drove down to a trap shoot and of course the camera was with me. I asked Dennis to stop the car!! And he did. This is how the Amish harvest their corn. They cut the whole field by hand, amazing isn't it? It is so interesting to see these, like walking back into time. It always reminds me of the Chicago Trib. Every year about this time they printed a picture of a Grandpa and his grandson sitting on a hill with corn stalks like this. On the same farm, I snapped a picture of this horse and buggy. It is not an uncommon site to see these buggies in Elizabethtown tied out by Wally World. It is about a 30 mile trip at least for them. It is a lifestyle I think most of us could not even comprehend. I have gotten to know some of them and the are very quite honest people.

Didn't do much of anything else today. Physical Therapy this morning and then a little shopping. Kroger's on an empty stomach. Oh Boy the amount of sweet stuff we bought is awful!! Dennis bought a dozen doughnuts I bought cookies.I bought some Hummus artichoke and garlic flavor. It is really good on flat bread. Hummus is kind of an aquired taste but I like it for a quick lunch.