Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Walking with Nick

Nick and I went on a walk today. I drove us half way to Ginny's house silly right? He hates the neighbors dogs, I can control him usually however it wasn't worth the chance with my arm so we just drove past them. We both enjoyed the walk, it was in the 60's and sunny perfect weather for a romp. I walked about a mile, Nick ran full speed about 10!!
This is Norm do something to the field near Gin's. I remember him when he was 6 and would come to go sledding down our hill. It is so nice to have become part of a community watching the kids grow into adults, knowing that whenever you needed something they all would be there to help. In tirn we would be there for them. Norm has grown into a kind a generous man with a wicked sense of humor. He reminds me so much of his Grandfather and Dad.
These are Gin's horses watching Nick run like a Moran. The white one is a Perchon and is huge, I think her name is Molly. The one on the left is the one who always walks over to see me. I sure wish I could ride again.
This is actually what I saw of Nick most of the time I think we should so this walk a little more often. Get some of that energy out of him and some of the fat off me!!

Rachal (Norm's other half) has posted more soaps on her site. She has the prettiest one with bees on it. I bought some bars and used them as a door Prize at the Retreat it was the first one chosen. Take a look at her site www.wilmothfarms.etsy.com I am sure you sill find one you like. They really have helped my hands feel softer. Tomorrow I am going to help her take some pictures of her new soaps.


Deb said...

fabulous photos mari - it looks like both you & Nick enjoyed the walk :o)

KimberlyRies said...

Looks like a nice day in the country!