Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Turtles to a Wedding/ A Full Day

Turtles have always come into out yard to lay eggs. Normally they hatch much sooner than this I don't know if the weather had something to do with the late hatch. I have found three this week, one on the back stoop one in the garage and one outside. the first I gave to Doug the two in the picture I turned loose after the picture session. When Don was small we collected baby turtles and kept them in a tank. It was always so much fun to watch them, they actually got used to us and would climb on the rock and wait to be fed. We went to a beautiful wedding this afternoon. Our nephew Jeff married Brooke they now have a blended family of four boys. Better them then me right?? Great picture, do we all remember the feelings of that kiss? Her dress was just beautiful the train was in black and white and her veil edged in black. Striking dress and a beautiful wedding. The only grip I had is Mamaw wanted to leave before the cake was cut. Sorry guys I love wedding cake and I didn't get any!!!
This is my nephew Jeff and his son Dalton. Jeff is very very tall and Brooke is not!! It made it hard to get them both in a frame for a close up. I sure wish I could figure out how to take better inside pictures

A second neighbor opened up an Etsy shop this week. Pretty soon we will just have a Cecilia Street team. Take a few minutes and check out her shop she makes soap and from the bar I got they are very nice indeed. While your at it look at Ginny's too I have added lots more Halloween bags.

Peace and Love

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Kyfarmlife said...

Two more! Man I would have loved to have found them in the Spring! We searched and searched for them that size and had to settle on the one I found that we kept! LOL He has a good fat and happy life so guess we'll keep him and the new addition..they have already "bonded" and the little one basks on top of Turt Turt!
I hear you have been drawing...I cant wait to see them! Gonna have to stop by tomorrow and see. Working with Mickey and the underground electric fence...wish me luck! Thanks for the plug again! Your too good to me and you dont know how much I appreciate you and your friendship, your a doll and a joy to be around!