Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tater Peeling

The kids next door are out of school for fall break. Dennis has taken Neil hunting a few times this week, I am not sure who enjoys it the most. I got the brilliant idea I should have lunch for the boys when they got back. I called Michaela to ask if she would help. Two seconds later she was here with a white apron on!!! I took on the job of teaching her how to peel a potato. You know I have been doing it for 40 so years and it was strange taking it down to basics to a child. We need less to say she peeled one and I got the rest. (the one she did was beautiful!!) I do wish I had thought to take a picture. She was proud of the meal of chicken, mashed taters and corn.

Later Dennis drove us to Gin's so I could help her with Etsy. Michaela asked Gin to teach her how to crochet. That child earned an extra star today. It made Ginny so happy to help her. You know sometimes we forget how important it is to make someone feel needed. I have to keep this new talent quiet, I see lots of scarves in out future!!

Still have that wonderful Bluegrass sale goin on take a look. Christmas is right around the corner.

Tomorrow Michelle is taking me to PT. YOOHOO girls time out.


Kyfarmlife said...

Love the Autumn colors on that bauble!

angelinabeadalina said...

Michaela is just a sweet child, isn't she? I'll bet Ginger loved showing her some how-tos! It's already almost lunchtime over there, so I won't say, "Behave yourselves, girls" to you and Michelle. . .I'll just say I hope you had a blast with your day out :)