Saturday, August 30, 2008

One more thing

I keep forgetting to mention this. On the right side of my blog down a little is a list of my favorites. Kinda a neat thing to don't you think. There are cute things for Dennis to buy me for Christmas just right there:)).

The King has a new Throne

We thought we needed another humingbird feeder in our yard. Dennis bought this feeder and pole this week. It was the perfect place for my odd bird house in the shape of a frog. Promise I will get pictures of that. This little male hummer decided that it was his perch (throne). He sits and guards everything around. It seems that each bird has it's favorite feeder and defends it for all it is worth. Tonight Buster and I were sitting out and one buzzed past me and raised my hair. now that is close. We have several young ones and their flying skill are not as good.
This is the pair of earrings I listed last night. They are simple yet elegant all at the same time. If anyone is interested I can change the color Swarovski crystal to your liking. I also listed a Treasury last night and as I was looking at the other new ones I saw a GOLD star!!! Yippee!! It was this pair of earrings, they had not been listed for more than 20 minutes.
Speaking of Etsy, I saw the most interesting thing last week. I already had a Treasury on West so when it was opened up again I couldn't grab another. Any way the cool thing was I watched others putting together their Treasuries. It was fun watching them become whole.
Tomorrow pear recipes, Al brought me a 5 gallon bucket today. Me thinks I had better think of a good marmalade tomorrow. OH DENNIS DO YOU WANT TO PEEL???

Friday, August 29, 2008

Two of the Best Reasons I LOVE Summer

This is the first reason, watermelon. We had a feast next door this week. One of our friends gave Neil a home grown watermelon. It was better than it looks, and it looks delicious. It taste like summer. We sat next door and laughed and spit seeds till we finished off the last piece. I of course had to save some for the Boys. Those dogs love watermelon.
Here is my second reason. Pears are my favorite fruit I love the grainy texture , the fact that it is hard to find good ones. These came from a neighbors tree. We have supplied him with veggies all summer and he returned the favor with a bucket of pears. Last year these were the best pears I had ever had, I hope that these are just as good. I am going to look at for some great recipes. These have a few days to ripen, but I want to use them all. I wonder if Dennis has figured out he needs to peel them for me:), no one tell him.

I picked up a paperback book today. I didn't have a thing to read ( read three last week) over the weekend. It is a romance by Susan Wiggs named "Summer by the Sea". The story is OK, but it has the most amazing Italian recipes sprinkled though out the book. Makes me hungry when I read it. Makes me wish Dennis hadn't kicked me out of the kitchen!!! Read Tapioca story for those who don't know why.

Have a blessed weekend. I will try to post later this weekend.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Just a short note

Last night I added a poll on my site. I would like the three of you that read this:) to answer it. Trying to figure out how to get more traffic into this. Do you think interviewing other Etsy artist would help? Who would like to volunteer?

This is Neil the next door Neighbor. I beleive he is the sweetest teenager I know. He comes over every evening to practice shooting his bow.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

can't sleep a wink-------

This is a picture of (left to right) Mary(niece), Kathy (sister) Me and my son Don. Yes Ang that is who you used to babysit!!!

I posted this for two reasons 1) I love my family and 2) I wanted you to see the sling I wear. I felt a little down at the end of last week. I just thought I should be healing better. Friday I went to see Dr. Been. He doesn't call it my fracture he calls it my explosion! He was so please with the surgery, actually gave me a boost in the brain. I can take the sling off around the house now. I should have jumped with joy, I was just scared. He also upped PT harder exercises now starting Monday. Gotta get the shoulder moving and better. I will be able to drive when I can touch my head. Well I can do that now, if I bend at the waist! Even Donald told me I was a smarty pants for that answer.

Today was a lazy day. We have cloud cover from Faye so picture taking was out of the question. So I read a book, watched Olympics, ate watermelon (yum, thanks Neil) went to bed. Got up 20 minutes later.

I received the book"1000 GLASS BEADS" as a gift tonight, Thanks Pam. It is a book I love to look at, but have never bought it. It has the most beautiful beads in there. I looked at it slowly tonight.

Talk to everyone tomorrow.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Neighbors

This is Doug, one of our newest neighbors. I think he is the sweetest kid. He comes over to raid my cherry tomato plant every couple of days. Tonight he and his sister Leah his Mom and Norm all came to visit. I forgot how much fun a 10 year old boy could be.
They are a great addition to the neighborhood.
Went to the Dr. today. I get all depressed because I think I am healing so slowly. Dr. Been thinks I am the most amazing person. Either that or he just is so pleased with the surgery!! Told me today I was doing better than he thought I would and my range of movement is good. ( I think I can only raise my arm 5 inches) He is pleased so I guess I should be too. He increased my Physical Therapy to a little harder starting Monday.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Get you Ad right here

Took the leap and joined Project Wonderful, placed a few ads then decided I needed to have a place for ads. I finally figured out how to do it all!!!! Phew. for me it was hard, I mean why read the directions when I can stumble around. Ad space is free right now just click on boxes to rught

Beautiful Butterfly

I took this picture in July at a community event by my Mom's. The day was hot and muggy, I had seen all I wanted to so was waiting by the bus stop to be taken to my car. A family with twins (younger) and this little girl were waiting also. She had had all the fun she wanted and was being very fussy. We have all been there right. what did we pray for? Intersession! The camera did just that. I asked her Mom if I could snap some pictures and the child went still, listening. As soon as the camera was aimed at her another child appeared. A Happy version. I snapped this great picture and then we spent time looking at all the other pictures I had taken.

There is not a huge moral in this story. Remember we all have been in awkward places with our kids. Sometimes all it takes is to is a smile from someone, a helping hand, a word of kindness or even a camera:)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Project Wonderful

Last night I couldn't sleep so I took the opportunity to spend time on the computer. I joined Project Wonderful. It is a website: that you can advertise your web site. I placed a few adds, most of them free one for .05 cents a day. I am not sure how much it will help, but it can't hurt. The hardest thing was to design an ad, today I will work on it a little more.

Last night we had over 13 hummers, it was amazing to watch. We couldn't really count them there were so many.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Moon

I woke up this morning around 6:45am and saw the most amazing sight out my window. The moon was still up and so full and bright. I grabbed my camera and Buster and I went to take pictures. Isn't it beautiful? What a wonderful sight to awaken me The top picture is of the morning sky, I believe it is going to be a specular day.
Yesterday evening we sat outside and watched over 10 hummingbirds flit between the feeders. It is so hard to count them they are so fast. They set a record and there were 4 sitting on the same feeder. Hummers are very territorial and one will sit in a tree and wait for anyone to approach his feeder. Then it sounds like a fighter jet swooping in.
Everyone have a great Sunday.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Art of getting to sleep

The hummers have been very active this week. In fact the babies are here the are so tiny. This picture has caught the red food through the sun and gives a ruby glow to Ms. Hummer. She is my chatty one. She fusses the whole time she is near the feeders. I spend hour out by them just watching.

The art of going to sleep! It used to be so easy, jump in bed snuggle in pull covers up close eyes, sleep. Now I am worn out before I ever finish. I can only lay on back or right side. When I get comfy, I then realize I cannot pull blanket up cause left arm does not bend. So I struggle and finally get things right. Oops did I say I can't turn TV off either?????? but I need the light to get ready!! I know sleep with my own blanket with my head at the foot of the bed, easier to get up just gotta swing legs out. I think this is why I got a sleeping pill, so finally I just pass out and wake up in the middle of the night cold and TV still on.

The only positive thing is I can laugh at me, it is funny.

Have a great Saturday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


One of the only great things about not being able to do anything is the time I spend on Etsy!

I nabbed a Treasury this morning.

Take a look and see some of the wonderful talent on my FAM team.

Picture by Mary

Last weekend, I gave Mary my camera to use. She has a good eye when it comes to composition. There were many, many pictures of our cats some of flowers none of us!
This is of Kit who never once showed Mary her bad side. Mary had trouble believing me when I told her to be careful!
The weather is amazing for August. Low 80's during the day and 50's at night. I love sitting outside and listening to the steady drone of cicada's in the trees. It reminds me of childhood and being out till dark playing tag. with all the neighborhood kids.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


My sister and niece came to visit this weekend. It was so nice to see them both. Kathy helped us around the house with the silly things I can't do. Gave Dennis a much needed rest! We sat and read out in the yard alot too. Mary brought a sketch book and she drew some very beautiful pictures.

Mary and Boots had quite the friendship going. Boots was at Mar's side or in her lap whenever she was outside. Mary knew where each of my cats were at all times. Buster felt a little rejection, everyone loves him the most! All the four legged kids are resting today:)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the bumbles

These remind me on the bees that buzz around my cone flowers. They swing on sterling chains, so they kinda dance themselves.

Life has been slow for me. I started PT this week. I will go three times a week for 6 monthes. that is until after thr first of the year. HOLY SMOKES

Pain killers really have given me nothing to say, Dennis is happy! He is still quite the helper, i AM SO BLESSED.