Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Moon

I woke up this morning around 6:45am and saw the most amazing sight out my window. The moon was still up and so full and bright. I grabbed my camera and Buster and I went to take pictures. Isn't it beautiful? What a wonderful sight to awaken me The top picture is of the morning sky, I believe it is going to be a specular day.
Yesterday evening we sat outside and watched over 10 hummingbirds flit between the feeders. It is so hard to count them they are so fast. They set a record and there were 4 sitting on the same feeder. Hummers are very territorial and one will sit in a tree and wait for anyone to approach his feeder. Then it sounds like a fighter jet swooping in.
Everyone have a great Sunday.


angelinabeadalina said...

Mari, what beautiful shots of the full moon! I tried to take one last night as it came up over the horizon, but it didn't turn out. What a lovely start to your morning :) Oh, and be careful walking around the puma's territory! Foxes don't scare me, but that does (unless I'm thinking it's a bigger cat than it is). Ten hummingbirds at once! Bet that was quite a sight!

Anonymous said...

How nice! I've been getting up early too to watch the sunrise, I've gotten some great shots I posted on my website! Thanks for letting the kids come shoot arrows yesterday! Made Dougs day And about the big cat...I cannot wait to see him and take a picture! Wouldnt that be a sight!