Friday, August 29, 2008

Two of the Best Reasons I LOVE Summer

This is the first reason, watermelon. We had a feast next door this week. One of our friends gave Neil a home grown watermelon. It was better than it looks, and it looks delicious. It taste like summer. We sat next door and laughed and spit seeds till we finished off the last piece. I of course had to save some for the Boys. Those dogs love watermelon.
Here is my second reason. Pears are my favorite fruit I love the grainy texture , the fact that it is hard to find good ones. These came from a neighbors tree. We have supplied him with veggies all summer and he returned the favor with a bucket of pears. Last year these were the best pears I had ever had, I hope that these are just as good. I am going to look at for some great recipes. These have a few days to ripen, but I want to use them all. I wonder if Dennis has figured out he needs to peel them for me:), no one tell him.

I picked up a paperback book today. I didn't have a thing to read ( read three last week) over the weekend. It is a romance by Susan Wiggs named "Summer by the Sea". The story is OK, but it has the most amazing Italian recipes sprinkled though out the book. Makes me hungry when I read it. Makes me wish Dennis hadn't kicked me out of the kitchen!!! Read Tapioca story for those who don't know why.

Have a blessed weekend. I will try to post later this weekend.


angelinabeadalina said...

Mmmmm, watermelon! That is a beautiful pear, too, but I'm just beginning to like pears. Have you seen Carmelized Pear and Roasted Pecan ice cream by Haagen Daaz? Incredible! Plus, someone from Switzerland sent home some fancy chocolates with Ricky when he was there. There was a pear shaped milk chocolate piece filled with a sweet pear truffle-y stuff...that got me started liking pears (okay, so the chocolate was a big draw). Hope you tell us which recipes you tried out and which ones were the best!

Deb said...

Oh yum - fresh melon! It looks divine.
Will you just look at that pear - it's perfect, a beautiful even skin....I love pears too & right now I can just imagine the juicy tasty goodness to be had in that one :o)