Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beautiful Butterfly

I took this picture in July at a community event by my Mom's. The day was hot and muggy, I had seen all I wanted to so was waiting by the bus stop to be taken to my car. A family with twins (younger) and this little girl were waiting also. She had had all the fun she wanted and was being very fussy. We have all been there right. what did we pray for? Intersession! The camera did just that. I asked her Mom if I could snap some pictures and the child went still, listening. As soon as the camera was aimed at her another child appeared. A Happy version. I snapped this great picture and then we spent time looking at all the other pictures I had taken.

There is not a huge moral in this story. Remember we all have been in awkward places with our kids. Sometimes all it takes is to is a smile from someone, a helping hand, a word of kindness or even a camera:)

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angelinabeadalina said...

Aw, Mari, that was a good thing you did. I'll bet both the mom and the little girl remember that part of their day for a long, long time.