Saturday, August 30, 2008

The King has a new Throne

We thought we needed another humingbird feeder in our yard. Dennis bought this feeder and pole this week. It was the perfect place for my odd bird house in the shape of a frog. Promise I will get pictures of that. This little male hummer decided that it was his perch (throne). He sits and guards everything around. It seems that each bird has it's favorite feeder and defends it for all it is worth. Tonight Buster and I were sitting out and one buzzed past me and raised my hair. now that is close. We have several young ones and their flying skill are not as good.
This is the pair of earrings I listed last night. They are simple yet elegant all at the same time. If anyone is interested I can change the color Swarovski crystal to your liking. I also listed a Treasury last night and as I was looking at the other new ones I saw a GOLD star!!! Yippee!! It was this pair of earrings, they had not been listed for more than 20 minutes.
Speaking of Etsy, I saw the most interesting thing last week. I already had a Treasury on West so when it was opened up again I couldn't grab another. Any way the cool thing was I watched others putting together their Treasuries. It was fun watching them become whole.
Tomorrow pear recipes, Al brought me a 5 gallon bucket today. Me thinks I had better think of a good marmalade tomorrow. OH DENNIS DO YOU WANT TO PEEL???

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angelinabeadalina said...

Those earrings will be perfect for someone to wear with a little black dress come the holiday party season!
Congrats on being in the treasury! I think the froggie and the hummingbird king will be having some interesting conversations until the hummers leave for the winter, don't you?