Sunday, August 24, 2008

can't sleep a wink-------

This is a picture of (left to right) Mary(niece), Kathy (sister) Me and my son Don. Yes Ang that is who you used to babysit!!!

I posted this for two reasons 1) I love my family and 2) I wanted you to see the sling I wear. I felt a little down at the end of last week. I just thought I should be healing better. Friday I went to see Dr. Been. He doesn't call it my fracture he calls it my explosion! He was so please with the surgery, actually gave me a boost in the brain. I can take the sling off around the house now. I should have jumped with joy, I was just scared. He also upped PT harder exercises now starting Monday. Gotta get the shoulder moving and better. I will be able to drive when I can touch my head. Well I can do that now, if I bend at the waist! Even Donald told me I was a smarty pants for that answer.

Today was a lazy day. We have cloud cover from Faye so picture taking was out of the question. So I read a book, watched Olympics, ate watermelon (yum, thanks Neil) went to bed. Got up 20 minutes later.

I received the book"1000 GLASS BEADS" as a gift tonight, Thanks Pam. It is a book I love to look at, but have never bought it. It has the most beautiful beads in there. I looked at it slowly tonight.

Talk to everyone tomorrow.


angelinabeadalina said...

Mm-hm, tell Donald Earl he's just a wee bit taller than he was then :)

Be strong today! Show those PT peeps just who is boss of recovery exercises!

Rachel said...

Give yourself some credit where credit is due! Pat yourself on the deserve it! You have faced this with your head held high, a prime example of a true lady! Who is stronger than she apparently thinks!