Friday, August 22, 2008

The Neighbors

This is Doug, one of our newest neighbors. I think he is the sweetest kid. He comes over to raid my cherry tomato plant every couple of days. Tonight he and his sister Leah his Mom and Norm all came to visit. I forgot how much fun a 10 year old boy could be.
They are a great addition to the neighborhood.
Went to the Dr. today. I get all depressed because I think I am healing so slowly. Dr. Been thinks I am the most amazing person. Either that or he just is so pleased with the surgery!! Told me today I was doing better than he thought I would and my range of movement is good. ( I think I can only raise my arm 5 inches) He is pleased so I guess I should be too. He increased my Physical Therapy to a little harder starting Monday.


Anonymous said...

You can have him any time you want! Ha Ha! I'll even pay you! hee hee....thanks for the nice words......Rachel

angelinabeadalina said...

Rachel, Doug is such a dark haired cutie!

Mari, great news from the doctor on your progress!