Monday, June 30, 2008

My doggie nephew

This is Winston, my sister's dog. I should say first dog she has always had cats. He is a great even tempered lovable fellow. We took him to the ball field yesterday and the kids threw the ball for him . I think he would fetch all day. The family is enamored with him and my Mom looks out for him like he was a grand kid. He is a bird dog and he sure has some of the same traits my Nick has. He too runs and runs and then just plops down and goes to sleep. Kathy has done a wonderful job training him.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Trip to my Mom's

I am writitng this from Chicago. I am spending the week with my Mom and then my Sister. Today Kelly (niece) and her picked Mom and I up and we all drove to Kathy my Sister. There we celebrated Charlie's graduation from 8th grade. The only thing is Charlie had a rescheduled ball game to play, so we spent the day without him!!

We did spend some time at the ball field watching. I brought up buffalo steaks as a treat for supper and also stopped at the farmer's market in KY. Dinner was delicious.
There is Charlie pitching. He is such a great kid. I am very close to my sister's family and even though we live far away from each other we manage to stay close. The beautiful girl is Mary if I had a daughter I woudl want her to be just like Mary. That is Kathy and Kelly on the bottom.
My sister Tish passed away when she ws 31, Kelly's mom. On the way up to Kathy's today I sat next to Ethan, to entertain him I was showing him pictures in my wallet. There is a picture I carry of my Mom and sister's. Ethan looked at Tish's pisture then at his Mom and said " Mom she looks just like you". Kelly is the spitting image of my sister, but to have a three year old notice, made us all smile.
I love my family.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Run with Wild Abandon

Nick runs from the minute we let him out until he plops down exhausted. The funniest thing is he can go from a run to plop down in seconds. It is like he is just suddenly laying with his back legs spread out behind him. (we call him Frog Dog) He never sits still for more than a few minutes, he is constant motion.

This is looking out over our front yard. After more than 30 years I still do not become bores with the view. Nick is running toward me to the "Queen's Chair", where I sit and watch the world go by. It is under an arbor and I can watch hummingbirds fly by in the early mornings and evenings.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Featured in a blog

I am featured in a blog that helps promote sales in my Etsy shop. Hope that it brings in a few sales, if not it was fun to do the interview. Here is the link for the three people that read my blog!

I had an intresting weekend. Saturday we worked in the yard, then had supper with our son. Sunday was the coolest, I watched a Baptism in a local lake. How intresting that was. that is Michelle just as she came up. The water was very cold, but I think all three of them loved it.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Blooming of the cactus

This cactus came from the Lake House when we owned it. Dennis stuck a leaf of it in on of our flower boxes. Gosh it loved it and really has grown. I hate it, I always get thorns in my hands when I work in the gardens next to it. The reason it is still here is because of the flowers, They are beautiful and worthy of letting it live! Click on the pictures and you will see how marvelous they are.
This is a calm moment for Nick, they are far and few between. He has become quite the love. Everyone said that they turned into normal dogs at four. Maybe there is some truth to that.

Hi Mom if you are reading this today. Have I told you how proud of you I am. I hope when I am you age I will have as much "MOXIE" as you. I LOVE YOU.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

the great nephews

This is Stephan
This is Nathan
This is Ethan

My niece stopped in our town on their wat to TN. I so enjoy her boys, they are so funny. I have become wise in my age and decided that instead of a formal dining plave we would go to the local Pizza Place. You know the ones that are buffet and have games for the kids? We had the best time I played games with those boys and laughed so hard.
The youngest Ethan is something else, he has this angelic face and a riot of blond curls with a smile that lights his face.
Nathan is the middle, what a delight. He is the daredevil of the group and fearlessly did flip is the hotel pool. He is so funny when he warm up to you. A sense of humor is one of my family greates traits.
Stephan is Kelly's oldest, he is a quite child. You can tell he thinks before he speaks, he bought Ethan a glider plane with some of his prize coupons. Speaks volumes? He looks so much like his mother and my sister he makes me smile to see him. (My middle sister, their Grandmother passed away with cancer when she was 31) She would be so ery proud at how well Kell has done raising those boys.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wonderful weekend

I had one of the most delightful weekends in a long time. Saturday my church group went on a canoe trip on the Blue River in Indiana. There were 40 of us that went, and we all had the best time. It was a 14 mile trip down stream 14 miles is really a long trip. We got in the water at 11:30 and our group reached the end at 5:45. There were lots of ripples of which I guess we went down sideways more often than not. Holly and I laughed so much at times we couldn't paddle. We never tipped our canoe, but I sure had to get out and push plenty of times. I thought I woudl be soooo sore today, but amazing I'm not.
Today was really a day of rest. I went to church then we just slugged out.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Coolest Flowers

I have no idea what these are called. A neighbor of mine gave me some seeds a few years back and they like where I put them. The look like a alien flower, click on the picture for a closer look. I have been busy planting garden and working in the flowers. Have I mentioned digging ditches?? I am not a girly girl and I love to dig in the dirt. We need trenches dug for the drainpipes and I was awarded the job. I love to do a job that you can see progress.

I have had two wonderful weeks on ETSY. I sold a total of 11 items!! I love making jewelry, but I love it even more others think it is nice too.