Saturday, June 14, 2008

the great nephews

This is Stephan
This is Nathan
This is Ethan

My niece stopped in our town on their wat to TN. I so enjoy her boys, they are so funny. I have become wise in my age and decided that instead of a formal dining plave we would go to the local Pizza Place. You know the ones that are buffet and have games for the kids? We had the best time I played games with those boys and laughed so hard.
The youngest Ethan is something else, he has this angelic face and a riot of blond curls with a smile that lights his face.
Nathan is the middle, what a delight. He is the daredevil of the group and fearlessly did flip is the hotel pool. He is so funny when he warm up to you. A sense of humor is one of my family greates traits.
Stephan is Kelly's oldest, he is a quite child. You can tell he thinks before he speaks, he bought Ethan a glider plane with some of his prize coupons. Speaks volumes? He looks so much like his mother and my sister he makes me smile to see him. (My middle sister, their Grandmother passed away with cancer when she was 31) She would be so ery proud at how well Kell has done raising those boys.

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angelinabeadalina said...

They look like such cute and fun kids, Mari. Aren't those pizza places with the games lots of fun?? We do Chuck E. Cheese's over here as a special treat,and it's too much fun :)