Tuesday, September 30, 2008


A sure sign of the change of seasons in Kentucky is Harvest. This week Norm combined the corn he planted in out field. I enjoyed watching it grow this summer, watching Buster and Max play hide and seek in it. Max always won!! It was an awful year for crops, lack of rain for one. However I think the yield surprised us all.
My walnut picker uppers arrived yesterday. We left them and Rachel, Gin and I walked up the lane. Feels good to start getting my strength back finally. When we came back there were golf clubs in the yard and a few walnuts in the tub? What do you think they were doing??? Any way they did get them picked up and my yard is again safe till the next wind. Doug plans on taking the walnuts to Caneyville where they give you 12.00 per 100 pounds. I think that maybe no walnut tree in the neighbor hood is safe.
We all had a great visit it was almost a party. It is great to have young people around gets us older one going. I hear rumors of a hay ride and bonfire in the makings too.
It looks as if the hummers are movung to southern regions. I have a few but I think they are transits. That hammock will need to be coming in soon!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friends old and new and Craft Shows

Today I was like a bird out of a cage. Dennis drove me to Radcliff (Pouting does work)to a craft show and Don picked me up. You know I am beginning to feel like a little old lady not being able to drive. I got to meet three of my Bluegrass Etsy Street Team. That is LaDonna on the left, Libby in the middle and of course me. Both are so nice and it was just fun to meet them. Libby shop is http://www.mayleesgarden.etsy.com/ she sells the nicest soaps and body butter. I bought two soaps one in Lavender and one with Basil and Peppermint. Gave the lavender to KT, and kept the other for me It is wonderful. I also bought a Body Butter (isn't that a great name?) in the scent of citrus. Leaves your skin feeling divine. Go check her out.

I also bought fudge, over a pound. It was from http://www.joshuasfriends.etsy.com, they are not on our team yet. The fudge helps families with handicapped children. It is very tasty, but I will have to find some friends to take some for sure.

Bev Rickey was also set up there, we are long time buddies so I sat with her at her booth. Her sister Barb was visiting from Iowa so we just had a grand time. I saw so many people I knew, I really do miss being social.

TOO cute aren't they. More creations from http://www.ginnymackscrafts.etsy.com/ they are very well priced and I would so love to see her sell some. some one out ther must have a little person who needs a Halloween bag?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Artist of the Week

OK it is the ARTIST part I like the best! As a good friend says, "I Have WORK?" The street team I joined is just wonderful, I think it is because we are Kentuckians. I have also finished an interview to be featured in a Blog next week. I told my cousin yesterday sales are great, but recognition from peers is better!

Take a look at our Bluegrass Blog.
The picture is of Egrets, the only good thing about this draught is the wildlife all congregate near the water that is left. You know kinda like Africa!! That pond is usually past where my carema lens sees. There must have been more than 50 Egrets here. They are beautiful but noisy. They squawk at each other and almost croak when ever one of them moves. When they nest in the trees a 1/2 mile away each evening we can here them.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Feeding the Calves

OK is this not the cutest picture you have seen. That is Little Red and he was really really hungry. It is so cool to have him suckle your hand. He was a twin and Momma rejected him. He is waiting for Vicki to bring the bottles.
They are feeling better now, this is Vickie feeding them. The other ones name is Casper he is just a little larger than Red. I love it Vick feeds calves, way to much work for her.
Click on this to make it larger. Gosh is he not creepy, he could snap your finger off before you even knew it. Look at it's eye though it is really cool. I was telling him I bet I could get away from him and his head came out of the shell and looked right at me and stared. I took a step backwards.

Gotta go get ready for a chat with Bluegrass Etsy group.

Monday, September 22, 2008

What we do for entertainment

Angie I know where your folks were last night! Rescuing the backhoe across the road. We went over to visit and maybe bottle feed the calves. Instead we pulled up chairs and watch Neil and Stanley try to get the backhoe out. This picture really doesn't show how deep it was. We left before it was unstuck, but this morning it is sitting out in the field. You can see how dry it has been this summer. The pond is usually to where the dirt has been piled up
I made a yellow cake and chocolate frosting for my little walnut picker upper. Well maybe for Me his Mom and Doug?? I posted the picture on Flickr and one of the comments was "I didn't know they looked like that". I really do forget that so many people do not get to see nature close up.
I will have more posted on Ginny's shop today. I have her set up on PayPal now so it will be easier. Go take a look at some of the cute purses.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Onna Mor Thing

I forgot to ask you to look at my additions. I now have my fav blogs listed, you can mark if you want to follow my blog and I signed up for Link Referral. It seems like it will be a good networking tool. I have already had more traffic in my store. If you want to sign up I think if you use the button on the right I get some kind of credit.
Will everyboby be glad when Igo back to work and have less time on the computer??

I have a part time job

I am the official

I am the OFFICIAL NEWBORN CALF WATCHER, Bet you didn't even know that, that was job did you??

Since I have nothing else to do but read the Mitford Series in my hammock I have been designated to watch over the neighbors cattle. The picture of the vultures are Black Vultures. They are really a nasty breed. They wait till a cow has calved then they bully their way in or wait till Momma has left and kill the calf. Yesterday I watched this little one be born then watched the vultures swoop in and harass the Momma. She was a great Mom and never left the baby. I think I have an admirable job, don't you.

The other picture is of my walnuts. This is just a Small fraction of them They cover my side yard. The dogs and I scooped these up into a pile waiting for Doug to help us pick them up. No wait the dogs didn't help, they thought it was a game and carried them off!!

I am featured in a lovely Treasury tonight. Thanks Deb it is lovely to be thought of. One of the nicest things about Etsy and Blogs is you meet so many great people. Pleas go look and give it some love. Hey Ang your there too.


I must go. I decided that a White Russian would make me feel better. WHOO it sure does, but my fingers cannot keep up with my brain. Nice to know that when I drink I not only talk a lot I type too much!! :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Doctor Visit

These are great aren't they. It is surprising how many outfits you can wear them with. I have a pair also (these are on Etsy) and I get compliments everytime I wear them. As much as I dislike winter, I love fall for the beautiful colors and the great clothes.

Every time I go to the Doctor, I learn more about my arm. Actually I was perfectly happy not knowing a whole lot!! I have significant bone loss, (OK where did the pieces go my brain screams) That is why there was a donor bone put in along with the plates and screws. Dr ordered a bone grower machine?? I wear it for 30 minutes a day and in is supposed to help hasten the growth. I can't go back to work for at least another 30 days. I know my arm can't, but my brain would like to. This is the longest period I have ever been off work and not being able to do much. Guys this is getting difficult only so many books to read and biscotti to eat. Told Dennis yesterday that we would have to move the hammock inside soon, you know by the front window!!!

I added a new feature last night, just a few of the blogs I read daily. If you have never read the Daily Coyote, it is a must. It will give you your aw www how cute every day. Just be careful it is addictive.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bluegrass Etsy Street Team

I have always love the color green. It is a restful color, easy on the eyes. This style bracelet is going back a way for me, but I still think it is pretty. It is lots of fun to make, kinda a bead soup bracelet. It has jasper, jade ,sterling and Swarovski in it. The shades of the bracelet allow you to wear it with lots of different colors. I made one for me with some copper in it.
I joined a new Etsy Street Team this week. We are all artists from Kentucky. There are just 28 of us so far, but quickly growing. Everyone seems very nice and friendly and there is lots of talent. http://bluegrassetsy.blogspot.com/ here is the blog link for you to see. I also had a chance to showcase a few of them in a Treasury this morning, hey go give it some love for me OK. http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list_west.php?room_id=26051.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, Monday

This little girl (did you know only the females have the the white tips of their tails) was ruffling her feathers this morning. She was sitting on on of the weeds in my garden. Oh wait, I mean flowers!!!! The garden kinda got away from me this year you know the one handed part of my life. Actually I do have a habit of letting flowering weeds have their way in my garden. I think they are pretty too and a whole lot hardier than some domestic flowers. My garden is a mess, but the birds love to eat the seed from my cone flowers so I leave them.
Physical Therapy took a backslide last week. They thought I progressed to a 2 pound weight and the Nautilus machine, guess what didn't. So after being in a lot of pain over the weekend this week it is no or very light exercises and ice therapy. I am a little down over this, but I hope it is just a bump in the long road.
Rachael if you read this, Doug's job (walnut picking up) is ready. Holy Moll those winds sure scattered my yard with walnuts.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The week went Where???

I can't believe it is Sunday, I have no idea where the whole week went. I guess I spent it reading a whole series of books rarely coming up for air. I am like that when I get a good book I just have never had a whole series at the same time.
The bracelet and earrings are my last posting on ETSY. The beads are beautiful, very well made, good crisp edges and nice clean holes. The colors are swirled making it wearable with just about everything. I bought them from a former Etsian.
The wind has been awful today, and still no rain. Ike is traveling just west of us and we are just getting the outer bands. Angie the lakes at Vickie are almost dry, actually only the one in front of the house has water in it. It has been two very dry summers and I look to see a lot of trees dying in the next couple of years.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I have found what all of us need!!!

It is a Etsy shop, and I just love these, she seems to find her way into my Treasuries frequently.


Memopause, what a clever name and any of us who are close to that certain age..... well you know what I mean:)

Speaking of Treasuries I have a new one today, I started with no plan. Well actually I find one picture I like and then go from there. I like the colors of this one. Fam (Fabulou Artistic Moms)has had several very talented artists join our street team and it was easy to have so many new artists to choose from. If any one reading this wants to join just Convo me. It is a very supportive group. www.thebrasshussy.etsy.com is another one who finds her way in a lot. I love her earrings, silly huh, but I love the brass.

Have a great weekend, we will be celebrating my Mother-in-Law's 90 b-day on Sunday

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Welcome Ginny Macks Crafts

Ginny is a long time neighbor and dear friend of mine. Beautiful crochet work is one of her many talents. She also makes her own patterns for crocheting. OK, that impresses me a lot. since all I can do is the straight line (chain?) stitch!!! She has wanted to join ETSY for awhile and today I helped take pictures and get her accounts set up. The top is a pattern she is selling, what a cute purse.
I think that this is adorable, there is one in lime green and I should have one in orange tomorrow. What a cute loot hauling bag for $5.00. Her Etsy address is


Take a few minutes and check out her store, she would love it.

This is what I wake up to every day. After more than 30 years I still think it is enchanting and peaceful. Those are Great Blue Herons in the pond, we have both those and white egrets nesting close to us. Funny story about the lakes and local geese. We are in a very bad draught and the lakes are almost dry. The geese have always used this lake and when they fly in at evening, (we're talking 50 at a time) the water is so shallow they don't float, they just kinda plop and stand. It really is funny to watch.

The sad part is to watch all the rain go either to our west or east. I hurt my shoulder July 10, Dennis has mowed the grass once. We started watering the big trees because we're afraid they were dying.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Kit, the tough cat. This is the funniest picture we have ever taken of her. She didn't even wake up while Dennis was taking it. Somehow this just does not go with her tough cat attitude!! Click on the picture and you will see that she even has her paw over her eyes.
September is here, that is hard to believe. Summer seems to have slipped away from me this year. Probably had something to do with breaking my shoulder and the great meds I have been on:)
I am trying to take pictures again. I listed a few items on Etsy this evening and have a few more tomorrow. I joined the Bluegrass Street Team this week. It is artist from Kentucky who are on Etsy. I think it will be nice to find a few local people, maybe to do craft shows together.