Tuesday, September 30, 2008


A sure sign of the change of seasons in Kentucky is Harvest. This week Norm combined the corn he planted in out field. I enjoyed watching it grow this summer, watching Buster and Max play hide and seek in it. Max always won!! It was an awful year for crops, lack of rain for one. However I think the yield surprised us all.
My walnut picker uppers arrived yesterday. We left them and Rachel, Gin and I walked up the lane. Feels good to start getting my strength back finally. When we came back there were golf clubs in the yard and a few walnuts in the tub? What do you think they were doing??? Any way they did get them picked up and my yard is again safe till the next wind. Doug plans on taking the walnuts to Caneyville where they give you 12.00 per 100 pounds. I think that maybe no walnut tree in the neighbor hood is safe.
We all had a great visit it was almost a party. It is great to have young people around gets us older one going. I hear rumors of a hay ride and bonfire in the makings too.
It looks as if the hummers are movung to southern regions. I have a few but I think they are transits. That hammock will need to be coming in soon!!

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Kyfarmlife said...

Love the picture! I've been on the machinery with him most of the time so my view and pics are from a diff view! Its wonderful to have such wonderful neighbors nearby who I'm proud to call friends! Trip to town tomorrow still? let me know if you need me to take you to therapy..not a problem and Dennisan be left to his own devices! Oh - BTW Doug has a dentist appt so he wont be able to be by to finish "walnut picking" then we have to do a school proj due tomorrow....yep I AM a procrastinator!