Sunday, September 14, 2008

The week went Where???

I can't believe it is Sunday, I have no idea where the whole week went. I guess I spent it reading a whole series of books rarely coming up for air. I am like that when I get a good book I just have never had a whole series at the same time.
The bracelet and earrings are my last posting on ETSY. The beads are beautiful, very well made, good crisp edges and nice clean holes. The colors are swirled making it wearable with just about everything. I bought them from a former Etsian.
The wind has been awful today, and still no rain. Ike is traveling just west of us and we are just getting the outer bands. Angie the lakes at Vickie are almost dry, actually only the one in front of the house has water in it. It has been two very dry summers and I look to see a lot of trees dying in the next couple of years.

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angelinabeadalina said...

I heard, barely a sprinkle yesterday. There are such beautiful old trees around there...I sure hope you don't have to watch them start to wither.