Monday, September 22, 2008

What we do for entertainment

Angie I know where your folks were last night! Rescuing the backhoe across the road. We went over to visit and maybe bottle feed the calves. Instead we pulled up chairs and watch Neil and Stanley try to get the backhoe out. This picture really doesn't show how deep it was. We left before it was unstuck, but this morning it is sitting out in the field. You can see how dry it has been this summer. The pond is usually to where the dirt has been piled up
I made a yellow cake and chocolate frosting for my little walnut picker upper. Well maybe for Me his Mom and Doug?? I posted the picture on Flickr and one of the comments was "I didn't know they looked like that". I really do forget that so many people do not get to see nature close up.
I will have more posted on Ginny's shop today. I have her set up on PayPal now so it will be easier. Go take a look at some of the cute purses.


angelinabeadalina said...

LOL!! I'll bet I can guess the moods over there, too! Pop was having a blast playing with the machinery, and Neil was grumping because it was his backhoe stuck :) See, now, it's little things like this I miss out on when I'm four hours away!

Off to have a quick peek at Ginger's purses before I go pick up the kiddos.

Kyfarmlife said...

Hey girl, we worked sorting calves until just now, 8:30! It shouldnt have taken so long, but the bunches were awful and didn't do a thing we wanted, and me and my brother are inexperienced so I'm sure we made things worse! I am sooooooooo sorry we missed the cake! Now I'm really upset! We are going to watch them sell and hopefully be home in time for Doug and I to come over and relax some with you, dont eat it all! Save me some!

JillSymons said...

Yeah... save me some too - I'll be there in 9 hours! I feel left out way over here... : (

But, I am living life vicariously through you! smiles : )