Friday, September 5, 2008

I have found what all of us need!!!

It is a Etsy shop, and I just love these, she seems to find her way into my Treasuries frequently.

Memopause, what a clever name and any of us who are close to that certain age..... well you know what I mean:)

Speaking of Treasuries I have a new one today, I started with no plan. Well actually I find one picture I like and then go from there. I like the colors of this one. Fam (Fabulou Artistic Moms)has had several very talented artists join our street team and it was easy to have so many new artists to choose from. If any one reading this wants to join just Convo me. It is a very supportive group. is another one who finds her way in a lot. I love her earrings, silly huh, but I love the brass.

Have a great weekend, we will be celebrating my Mother-in-Law's 90 b-day on Sunday


Deb said...

That is one very clever name!!! LOL!
Also exactly what I need - believe me on this.
Have a heap of fun on your Mother-in-Law's birthday, & give her some best wishes from New Zealand :o)

Kyfarmlife said...

Good afternoon neighbor! Been so busy here I havent had time to think! Gonna TRY to walk today...but I have a headache (migraine) and dont know if I'll get out of the house. Will you check our my blog, I posted some new pics and sketches, wanting an honest opinion...