Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, Monday

This little girl (did you know only the females have the the white tips of their tails) was ruffling her feathers this morning. She was sitting on on of the weeds in my garden. Oh wait, I mean flowers!!!! The garden kinda got away from me this year you know the one handed part of my life. Actually I do have a habit of letting flowering weeds have their way in my garden. I think they are pretty too and a whole lot hardier than some domestic flowers. My garden is a mess, but the birds love to eat the seed from my cone flowers so I leave them.
Physical Therapy took a backslide last week. They thought I progressed to a 2 pound weight and the Nautilus machine, guess what didn't. So after being in a lot of pain over the weekend this week it is no or very light exercises and ice therapy. I am a little down over this, but I hope it is just a bump in the long road.
Rachael if you read this, Doug's job (walnut picking up) is ready. Holy Moll those winds sure scattered my yard with walnuts.


Deb said...

Mari - messy gardens are the wildlifes favorite type. You're doing good!!

I hope that your pain goes away soon & things start getting better :o)

angelinabeadalina said...

Hang in there, Mari! Hope the rest has helped the arm so you can get back into the therapy next week. Weeds are some of the best flowers, ya know...a bonus for me is that I usually can't kill them the way I do real flowers, LOL

Kyfarmlife said...

I will let him know, expect him in a day or so! We will give you a call! Sorry about how sore you are....hate to ehar it, but take it easy and pick up from there!