Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Feeding the Calves

OK is this not the cutest picture you have seen. That is Little Red and he was really really hungry. It is so cool to have him suckle your hand. He was a twin and Momma rejected him. He is waiting for Vicki to bring the bottles.
They are feeling better now, this is Vickie feeding them. The other ones name is Casper he is just a little larger than Red. I love it Vick feeds calves, way to much work for her.
Click on this to make it larger. Gosh is he not creepy, he could snap your finger off before you even knew it. Look at it's eye though it is really cool. I was telling him I bet I could get away from him and his head came out of the shell and looked right at me and stared. I took a step backwards.

Gotta go get ready for a chat with Bluegrass Etsy group.

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angelinabeadalina said...

Alright, where did you run across that snapper fella?? Because I do not intend to go anywhere near his territory next time I'm home! He does indeed look creepy-- but what a great picture! Casper and friend are darlings...I'm sure James and Kate are gonna want to go to Grandma Vicky's barn and visit those two :)