Saturday, September 20, 2008

I have a part time job

I am the official

I am the OFFICIAL NEWBORN CALF WATCHER, Bet you didn't even know that, that was job did you??

Since I have nothing else to do but read the Mitford Series in my hammock I have been designated to watch over the neighbors cattle. The picture of the vultures are Black Vultures. They are really a nasty breed. They wait till a cow has calved then they bully their way in or wait till Momma has left and kill the calf. Yesterday I watched this little one be born then watched the vultures swoop in and harass the Momma. She was a great Mom and never left the baby. I think I have an admirable job, don't you.

The other picture is of my walnuts. This is just a Small fraction of them They cover my side yard. The dogs and I scooped these up into a pile waiting for Doug to help us pick them up. No wait the dogs didn't help, they thought it was a game and carried them off!!

I am featured in a lovely Treasury tonight. Thanks Deb it is lovely to be thought of. One of the nicest things about Etsy and Blogs is you meet so many great people. Pleas go look and give it some love. Hey Ang your there too.

I must go. I decided that a White Russian would make me feel better. WHOO it sure does, but my fingers cannot keep up with my brain. Nice to know that when I drink I not only talk a lot I type too much!! :)


Deb said...

Mari - that is a most admirable job!!
We don't have vultures here - but I have seen them when I was travelling years back, they always seemed quite sinister!

Poor wee calves - I'm thrilled to hear they have protective & stubborn Momma's!

All the blogs I follow that had glassy goodness in their stores are most deservedly in the treasury - so of course you were a natural choice Mari :o)

Kyfarmlife said...

Hey Girl! And Neighbor! I hear he has had some trouble with those nasty birds....we have been lucky they leave our cattle alone for the most part. I dont know why...I have the same job as you and I love it! I MAKE norm check on the babies as they arrive daily! The only thing I love about winter...anyway Doug will be over today after school! We are sorting cattle to sell tomorrow and if I'm not too worn out or trampled I'll come visit as well!
Love ya!