Friday, September 19, 2008

Doctor Visit

These are great aren't they. It is surprising how many outfits you can wear them with. I have a pair also (these are on Etsy) and I get compliments everytime I wear them. As much as I dislike winter, I love fall for the beautiful colors and the great clothes.

Every time I go to the Doctor, I learn more about my arm. Actually I was perfectly happy not knowing a whole lot!! I have significant bone loss, (OK where did the pieces go my brain screams) That is why there was a donor bone put in along with the plates and screws. Dr ordered a bone grower machine?? I wear it for 30 minutes a day and in is supposed to help hasten the growth. I can't go back to work for at least another 30 days. I know my arm can't, but my brain would like to. This is the longest period I have ever been off work and not being able to do much. Guys this is getting difficult only so many books to read and biscotti to eat. Told Dennis yesterday that we would have to move the hammock inside soon, you know by the front window!!!

I added a new feature last night, just a few of the blogs I read daily. If you have never read the Daily Coyote, it is a must. It will give you your aw www how cute every day. Just be careful it is addictive.

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angelinabeadalina said...

Just lots of virtual hugs coming your way, Mari :)

P.S. Those earrings are adorable!