Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Took pictures the other day, I liked the way this one came out. I have posted several new items on Artfire this week take a look.
Spring is coming. Two sure signs for me are the sandhill cranes that arrive by the thousands on their journey back north and the second are my daffodils peeking out.
The cranes are one of my favorite birds and there are thousands in the area. It is deafening to walk outside in the morning and evening with all of them either leaving the roost or returning. This was the first year we had our field in corn for many years and the cranes are feeding in my field too. That makes me so happy. Nick on the other hand really cannot figure out what to do with them.

I received a very pleasant surprise yesterday, Diana or as I know her Nightmaiden featured me in her blog. It always pleases me to see what others say about my work. Those who know me know I am over critical about it. You may check out the article here:

I went to the Dr. today and he prescribed Water Therapy for me 2-3 times a week. I love the water so this might be a great thing. He stills feels that I am improving and still have not hit an apex. He called me a Bulldog ? Said he had so many patients that are just happy with basic functioning and didn't have the amount of damage I had. I have already surpassed and expectations and still continue to improve. Told us today he never thought I would be able to touch my head to fix my hair. HUH? It has all become a strength issue for me know I need to work at functionally learning how to use my arm again.

Gotta run see you all tomorrow.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lazy Day

Today was a lazy day, I just couldn't get any thing accomplished. It was 58 out yesterday and in the 20's today gotta love Kentucky weather. I did take some pictures this morning. I thought I would try to but some background into them, what do you think? Funny how the amethyst stones look the same when held up but the pictures I take all show one of them a different color. If I switched the earrings around the front one would then look grayer. That is why I haven't listed these yet.

I started to read the Twilight Saga, I have finished the first two. They are a very easy read, don't require a lot of thought and have a good story line. OK I read the first two since Sunday, that is pretty sad. I have gotten so used to not having the Internet that I don't spent as much time on it now. I seem so far out of the loop I just can't catch up.

Not much else is going on in our life. I catch up with you all tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Back

The Saturday after the ice storm our lights went out again for about 8 hours, when they returned our phones didn't. I never realized how much I depend on the Internet. We felt like we were in the 18th century. I would go the the library and check my e-mails or go to Nall's Internet Cafe (Don's), but never got a chance to blog or really enjoy surfing. Mercy Don has his computer hooked to his TV and like the whole world sees you.
The sky was the most perfect color blue in this shot. There was hore frost that morning it left the ice with beautiful sculptures on it. I can't remeber how to spell it but it is rare to see, it is where the frost stands up on objects.
Can you see the buds that formed already? FEMA is helping us all clear our limbs and brush starting next week. Elizabethtown city crews have taken 2500 loads to the land fill and you can not see a dent in the piles.
All and All, despite all the damage we had a good time doing family things. It was wonderful seeing everyone come together and help everyone. We all have become better neighbors for this and it is nice to live in a neighborhood of friends. This is Mic trying to beat me at Scrabble, she is pretty good and we had lots of fun.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am sitting at the library checking on my imternet. We do have lights but no phone or internet services. I'll be back sometime soon.