Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Fabulous Finds

Took this picture last thing last night, just as the sun was leaving. It was a specular day yesterday in the high 60's sunny no wind. Bitter sweet knowing it will be one of the last beautiful days of Fall. I sat outside and let the boys play all day
while I read and tried to draw. Here they are, Chub, Buster and Nick. Chub is so old he is hard of hearing almost blind and had a stubborn streak before all that!! So now I let him out and he can't hear to come back and doesn't see me waving hand signals. I chased him all over trying to catch him last night.

I love this pillow. It is from check out her shop it is so cute. Her fabric is to die for. I have this pillow and one other marked as a favorite. I think they would be so cute in my family room. Her daughters shop is also a favorite of mine. She has the cutest drawings.
The title of my post?? I decided ever Friday I would showcase an etsy shop or two.


angelinabeadalina said...

Glad you and the boys had another sunshiney day before the cold...actually, it's supposed to be nice here this weekend, so you might get a few more of those warm fall afternoons!

The fabric in that pillow is cute as it can be!

Deb said...

Mari - it sounds like you had a wonderful days just chilling out & enjoying the weather, while keeping an eye on the boys.

I do hope you get a few more "fine fall days" yet :o)