Monday, April 20, 2009

I received my parcel for the Maker's Swap I entered last month and I can't tell you how much I love everything. Peta-Jane you did the most amazing job and did so much better that people I have know all my life in gift giving. Thank you with all me heart. Peta-Jane is from Australia and does some of the most amazing handwork, I have her Blog link above. First was this Shopping Tote, in what I would certainly call Mari Color's! It is exactly what I would have picked. It is roomy and has long straps and I am sure will be my going to work bag.

Next was this great Jewelry Travel case with zippered compartments and just perfect to store all my jewelry for a trip.

But I know which Buster liked the most. It is the cutest hand knitted Sweater which fits him perfect. Doesn't he look dapper? I put it on him and he started prancing around the yard he is very proud of it. Peta-Jane thank you again I loved everything you sent and it has been a joy to get to know you too.


millymollymandy loves to quilt said...

You are most welcome Mari! I love the photos of Buster in his jumper..what a cute model he is !
There is another great swap at Miya's again..I have signed up !
I am thrilled that you liked you swap pressies !

angelinabeadalina said...

Buster is quite spiffy in that adorable sweater! I love how cute the colors mix in the tote, and the jewelry bag is great with all those zippered compartments.

P.S. I'm so far behind on everybody's blogs, but I have to say I really enjoyed your religion pictures, Mari! The St. John cemetery is forever etched as spooky in my mind, thanks to a few games during a lockin with my Catholic friends when I was in seventh or eighth grade, LOL. I'll bet all those tombstones are so interesting in the daylight!