Thursday, April 9, 2009

The first official flower of the season has arrived in full force!!!! I have spent the better part of this week de-dandlioning my flower gardens. The yard is a lost cause. Yesterday my neighbor Evelyn and I spent a great afternoon together getting rid of the pesky plants in one of her gardens. She is having a party in May to celebrate their daughters college graduation and need to get the gardens in shape. It is a lot more fun pulling weeds with friends.

Evelyn and I go to Water Aerobics twice a week together. Dr. Been felt that it would help my shoulder. It has been two weeks and I can tell a difference already. A difference in my balance also, you use your core muscles to keep yourself from drowning.

I have been taking pictures of RED this week for Sunday Stills. I have some good shots but hope to get out again.


Aridan Fashions said...

I laugh to think how I used to gather up those weeds in big bunches to give to my mom. Oh and how much fun did I have blowing their seeds all over kingdom come?!

Andrea Baker said...

I have a dandelion tool I use. I pluck them up and my oldest comes behind me with a bucket and picks them up. I know there is a better solution. Just haven't found it. Maybe something that feeds the lawn as well and kills the dandelions?

millymollymandy loves to quilt said...

Is there a blog for Sunday stills that you can sign up for ??
( I get the hint from your email ,Mari ! )
x Peta-Jane x