Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last night we celebrated our next door neighbors Birthday. Niel turned 15 and all the neighborhood went to Tumbleweeds to celebrate. The above picture shows Niel reading a Special Birthday greeting from one of us who could not be there. (Wonder who that is?)
So sad when everyone but you knows what your getting isn't it? Yep everyone but Neil knew he was getting his own cell phone. The package was put behind him and then Donnie called the number, wish I had caught that expression.

Here is Ginny a dear friend of mine besides being a neighbor. It is always so nice to celebrate good times with good friends. As you can see all of us had a great time. Ginny is a very accomplished crocheter and has lovely items in her Etsy Shop.

This is Rachel and Norm, gotcha Norm. He hates having his picture taken patience once again pays off and I have a couple good ones Rae! I have to sneak in here she makes the most amazing bath products. I am official guinea pig ( a title I enjoy) and have been using here LOTION BAR. I went swimming yesterday and after the shower took the Bar and rubbed it on my legs and arms. It was the first time I didn't feel all itchy after being in chlorine. It is so convenient to carry, it just pops in a small tin and when you need it you take it out and rub it on your skin.

Thanking all my great neighbors and friends for the friendship and love we all have. They are like extended family to us.


Ginny said...

Boy is it hard to get to you. I'll try again. Last knight was fun, fun, fun. Neil is such a great kid. Hope life treats him well. That picture of me ugh!!.

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

LOL funny Gin! It's not Uggg!
We had a good time too....I cant wait to see all the pictures from the night!
So since Neil reads our blogs what did he have to say about that photo and caption??? LOL Did his adorable face turn red??? LOL I finally woke up some today..took a nap...2:30 I got up feeling like I should when I get up in the morning, too bad it was afternoon!
LOL oh well, must have needed it, either that or I'm becoming way too lazy!