Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where have I been? What happened?

This is Butterfly Weed,
isn't it an odd name for such a beautiful plant?
Last Thursday I fell and broke my humerus up near the shoulder. i have yet to see the Ortho
Dr., but did get my x-rays from the hospital yesterday. I don't think it sounds good.
Life has been a challenge as of late. My left arm is in a sling I can't even raise it to get clothes on is really rather funny. Dennis has to help me and he is such a good helper. I bought all these cute little tops from Eddie Bauer that have no sleeves and have tiny buttons (say it Jill and laugh) watching him try to close them is sweet.
Friday morning I got the urge for Tapioca and somehow made it myself. I was so proud of my accomplishment. For those of you who don't know me well, I have a slight stubborn streak. (OK, ever body stop laughing and get off floor) Sat evening I decided not to bother Dennis and make my dinner. I chased zucchini and onions around the cutting board, cracked eggs, reached in fridge to get garlic. I had to move the pudding , it slipped out of my hand did a 1 1/2 gainer and landed on my feet. Oh ya on feet, floor, rug, ceiling getting picture. My stubborn streak cost Dennis about 45 min. of cleaning I don't think he was happy.
Catch you all later.


ElegantSnobbery said...

Oh no, a broken arm is horrible! I'd go crazy if I broke my arm. I hope it heals quickly for you!

That plant is beautiful. Funny about the name! Maybe the Latin name is prettier.

Thanks for coming to my blog and saying hello! I always love finding new blogs to read.

angelinabeadalina said...

Aw, Mari, I am so sorry to hear about your arm! Mother just told me about it last night (don't ya love our grapevine communication? you to Vicky to Mother to me, or else I read in your blog). Hope the orthopedic guy can do something soon. Take care of yourself, and let Dennis keep on doing some of that stuff...you don't want broken toes from diving bowls added to your arm pains!

P.S. I heard about the spectacular eagle picture, too! (Hint, hint for the next time you post an entry)

JillSymons said...

yeah... sorry about the darn arm... remember though - silver lining is, it's not your right arm!

I CANNOT imagine a bowl of ewwy tapioca pudding slithering down between my toes. shudder to think.

But, I can see you 'chasing the veggies around on the cutting board'!! That's so "you". I'm so inspired by your good attitude, but - hey, that's why we're friends, eh?