Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meet Kit "Nosey Cat"

This is Kit, she was born and raised on the property. I have to tell you this because she seems wild most of the time. Her Mom was a feral cat I brought home from work, Kit seem to inherit those genes. Everyone is afraid to pet her , you never know how many fingers you will have. My son used to pick her up and just hold on to her, she never hurt him so I guess she liked it. When she decides to be snugly with me on the hammock, I just let her lay there. She is also called Nosey Cat. If you are digging a hole she is the one with her nose stuck in it to see what you are doing. Kit has become a little more social as she ages (10) we can pet her more often and she actually will come up to the dogs . She is a beautiful cat, I have always love Calico cats.


rachel said...

aww.. I've had 4 cats but none of them have been calicos. I've always wanted one, though. My current kitty is dark gray and is quite the moody one! :)

WhimsybyMari said...

Moody doesn't quite describe Kit. She is beautiful, I love the high color calico. Thanks for reading.