Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Finds

It has been awhile since I have done a Friday Find. I found this wonderful studio on Artfire and knew I had to share with all of you. Holly of Spoiledbratzwear creates the most adorable pet clothes. I just love them. Please check out here shops on both Etsy and the link above which is Artfire.
She does rescue work and that top picture just get me, this is why I don't do rescue work!!
I know we could all see Buster in this one. I interviewed Holly last week and here is the interview:
I guess I should do a few questions to put in so here we go:

1. Your studio is so cute, how did you decide to make dog apparel? I've always dabbled in sewing since childhood and about 2 years ago I had this idea for a little hood for my dogs. I still have the first one I made. It's an ugly brown but I put in on my dog's head and a lightbulb went off! When you have little dogs with not a lot of fur, you need clothes for them! We moved from the desert to the mountains and it was a big adjustment for them.
2. How long have you been making them? About two years
3. I love the one about you being a Foster mom failure- how many pets do you have and are they all rescues? Oh gosh...promise not to tell my HOA! Currently we have 7 little doggies with us, two are fosters. Our first three dogs, ages 12, 10 and 8 were all purchased from small breeders, the last two are the fosters we FLUNKED with! I'm very involved with Italian greyhound rescue and I started a little group that raises funds for the seniors in foster care.
That coat is my first in a series of screenprinted items to promote rescue & fostering. I work parttime for a local screenprint artist and she's teaching me the trade.
4. Where else besides Artfire so you sell you items? I have been selling on Etsy for a year and I have a friend who makes leather goods and she takes my coats to dog shows. I actually designed the brocade coats specifically for her. The national IG rescue group also sells my products on their website.
5. Tell us the funniest story about one of your pets. When Valentino (he's my avatar in the pink hat) was a puppy 10 years ago, we only had one other dog, Mugzy our yorkie. Mugzy was happily chewing on a pig ear and Valentino wanted it. He tried and tried to be cute with his whining so Mugzy would give in to his puppiness, but it wasn't working. So, that smart little puppy RAN into the bedroom, barking his fool head off to distract Mugzy! Mugzy dropped his prize and went to see what all the fuss was about, and Valentino darted back into the livingroom and STOLE that pig ear. From that day on I knew he would be a little manipulator! He is the alpha of the house....well, besides me :)
6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully on 5 acres in Prescott AZ so I can expand on my rescue efforts and provide a sanctuary for senior dogs that society throws away when they become too expensive to care for.
If there is anything else you would like to share or tell us please do
I love being home with my *kids* and fosters so I'm really happy I can sew and offer things in such a unique setting like Artfire. I'm really excited about it. I've had an online store selling healthy pet food and treats since '02 and really enjoy that too.
Creating things that are fun and functional and that people appreciate is a wonderful gift, and this is probably the MOST fun I've ever had working. My favorite thing is when customers send me pics of their dogs modeling my fashions! I hope to be able to do it for many years and hopefully someday make a living at it!


angelinabeadalina said...

Wow, Holly, thanks for all you do to rescue. Much continued success so that you can expand your efforts!

¤~∙3zArt∙~¤ said...

Oh I love all of her stuff!! My favorite is the hamster hat =D


Holly Joy said...

I feel famous !!! LOL Thanks, Mari!

catinalife said...

great Bratz..her models work for a very reasonable cute..I want a puppy now!