Sunday, January 11, 2009

Who made the BEST cake

Tonight we had the most interesting contest at church, which man could make the best cake!! With NO HELP from the female part of their life. There were 21 cakes that showed up. Considering we only have about 200 members I think that was a great turnout. Above is my selections we were all judges. (I think the planning was awful this past Wed. we started a watch weight class!!!)I just took a bite of each one except for my favorite the one on the bottom. Jam Cake I ate that whole piece. The cakes were all pretty good and the wives all looked exhausted from the stress of not making it themselves.
This is Conner, I think he is just the most handsome boy. He has just beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile. I always thought him to be a quite child until the first time I had nursery duty. His Mom and Dad have their hands full. He isn't bad just active.
Anna was busy taking pictures as I was taking hers. She is always a happy child, beautiful curly hair and blue eyes

Mamaw was taken to a nursing home at the end of last week. I pray it is just to build up her strength and she will be able to return to the assisted living.

I really have not even thought about my shops or jewelry in two weeks.(What is it about sitting in a hospital room that makes you so tired?) Now that things have calmed down I am going to attempt to start at it again. I received some great beads and findings from a few shops and an itching to get at them.


angelinabeadalina said...

Good healing vibes for Mamaw! Hope the rehab goes well enough for her to get back to assisted living very soon!

P.S. So, who made the delicious jam cake? Did Dennis enter? or was it somebody else? Oh, and I love the part about all the women being exhausted from not doing the baking-- I can imagine how hard it was to turn over their kitchens and not even be able to help a little bit! Sounds like a terrific evening :)

Kyfarmlife said...

Oh yum! Now I NEED cake! Shame on you! Yeah like Ang said who won???
Connor is an adorable little boy! Love those curls!!!! talk soon, need to know when you all get together for your skinny meetings! LOL Dont feel bad...I've done NOTHING in either shop since before Christmas...this week get down to serious business tho!