Thursday, January 29, 2009

We have been without light for 24 four hours. Might I add 24 very cold hours. We have gas logs that heat the house so we stayed warm and also used the generator for the fridge and freezer. OK we did hook the TV up to watch the news and the computer. We had no Internet service for the later. Our neighbors 86 year old Mom and her daughter came and camped out in the Family room, I slept on the Living Room couch and Dennis crashed in the bed. Donnie and Michelle had family and friends stay also. Don and Katie hosted 5 people including a small baby. Hope that doesn't change his mind about having children!!
This is of the walnut tree in the side yard. I normally cannot reach any of the branches and now have to duck to get through it.
Beautiful shot looking int Ramers field.
This is our pine thicket in the back. We spent hours planting these guys and they were just getting to be the right size. I loved sitting in them in the summer and listening to the breeze through them. They were/are a great habitat for the birds. Some may come back but most are broken off.

Buster finally enjoyed the weather after the 2 inches of snow we had. He runs and burrows his nose in the snow.


Anne said...

LOL! Your dog looks so cute with all that snow on his face!

JillSymons said...

I'm surprised Dennis isn't out there bagging those dove. Talk about prey just sitting around! Love that picture BTW... what a great camera you must have *snicker*... I know - it's the person behind the camera!!