Monday, March 17, 2008

Marvelous Monday

This is Nick our Britt. He will be 4 this summer and finally learning to listen on command. Anyone ever have a Britt? I think they may be the worlds hardest headed and wired dogs. I love hhim though, he howls MOMMA when I come up the driveway, no really that is what it sounds like.

I love Mondays, Odd you say? Work passes by so quickly that it is time to go home before I even know it. Not having enough to do is the hardest thing for me. So today at work flew by, and here I am at home waiting for dinner. When you get up early your day is a little different for you also. I eat my lunch at 10:30 every morning. That means I better pack my lunch cause I am waay passed breakfast food!!! I get home around 2:30 and Dennis has dinner on table. He has learned how to be a wonderful cook. My day winds down around 6ish. At least I turn the world off and go upstairs and unwind.
Well the weather is nice and I am going to go play with the dogs. I am doing better at this blogging thing

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