Friday, October 12, 2012

The best neighbors

Last week, we lost a neighbor to a tragic farming accident, he will be missed.  Today when I drove into my drive I was met by the sight of two combines and several grain trucks gathered in our neighbors field.  It was a sight to behold, not only for the reason of having that many combines in one field (unusual for our Kentucky fields), but for the fact that all these farmers took time to harvest Pat's fields.  This was done out of love and respect for our neighbor and friend. It is a Blessing to live in a community where we all still care and love each other.  That we take the time to show that love for each other. 

It is sad to realize so many people will never know the true meaning of the word neighbor.  I am so Blessed that I do.

Here are a few pictures I shot:
 I could never get both combines in the same shot
 you can see the dust from the second one here

Pat you will be missed in this small community for the leader you were.

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