Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Visit

This past week I had one of the best times in a long time. My niece Kelly and her son Ethan and niece Dayna came to visit on their way to South Carolina. I need to thank the neighborhood for all their kindness extended to us.
We took the kids to the Wilmoth's Farm and went horse riding, a first for Ethan. He was a little scared at first but after he warmed up had a great time. Dayna has been to horse camps so it was a treat for her to be able to ride again.
The highlight of the trip for both kids was feeding the calves. We got to hear about that all weekend long. Ethan said it was the best zoo he had ever been at!!!
As you can tell he is such a somber child!! He has a smile and laugh that could melt the coldest heart. The joy he finds in life is amazing and I enjoyed being with him more than I can say. He takes pleasure in making others laugh and it is a gift that comes natural.
This is a picture of Kelly and Ethan on the "Blanket Ride". We couldn't call it a hay ride for lack of hay! Donnie rode us all over Wilmoth's farm with the four wheeler and a wagon. The kids got to see a 2 day old calf and cows. Funny they were so amazed at the cows and mooed every time they saw some. I forget "city folk" don't get to see what I see every day.

Last night we went down to the garden and Ethan yelled out " I want to pick food!" . So he picked strawberries, radishes and onions for us. First time he was ever in a food garden. I think if Kelly planted a small garden he would learn to eat more veggies.

It was an amazing visit, and I will blog all week long so all my family can enjoy the special time we all shared. Peace and Love to you all.


HaffinaCreations said...

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julietk said...

Hi lovely photos, Please visit my blog to collect your blog award. :-) Juliet

Ann said...

Children and animals, they are always a hit. I work with children, and at the end of the day, I go home leaving everything in the room.

The children must have loved the horse ride. My son did.

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