Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I planted strawberries last year, I had a great patch going then I broke my shoulder. The strawberries became overrun with weeds. Dennis then tilled part of them this spring. ( A fact he will not admit too) So this year the berries are few and far between. I was wondering why I would wee some coming on but never had red ones.
It looks as if Buster likes strawberries also!!! He is going down to the garden and eating my berries.

I was pulling up Forget-me-nots, (they really become weeds quickly). As I finished the long bed I looked back and Buster had literally hog tied himself up in the pulled weeds. His ears were together on top of his head and his legs were tied together. his muzzle was shut. He was laying in the yard waiting for me to save him. I didn't even take a picture! It did take me 45 minutes to get everything out of his coat. Note to self from now on put weeds in bucket as you pull them.


Auroras_Garden said...

Mari I got strawberries too but those darn roly poly bugs get them every year. We have major water issues here and I got every kind of water loving bug you can imagine right down to slugs in the bathroom YUCK! I hope your strawberries do good this year!! I just watch mine grow to feed the bugs! LOL

Andrea Baker said...

Yummy!!! I love strawberries. We usually head to a local farm to pick them. However we have abandoned the usual place. Their attitude and friendliness have changed dramatically over the past two years.So we are seeking a new place to visit.

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

Oh No! you cant use a bucket...not until i get to see Buster all tied up!!!! Note - ALWAYS have your camera with you!!!!!

angelinabeadalina said...

Buster is a strawberry snitching cutie! Don't worry, you'll have more plants next year...and maybe that will be enough to feed you guys and the strawberry loving puppy :)