Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Tree, a snippet of my life

Our Christmas Tree is a small snippet of my life. I have a story or memory for each of our ornaments.I love putting it up and always feel sad when we have taken it down. The pickle above is new, however I have the original tucked away for safekeeping. When we were little my Grandparents always tucked the pickle in the tree after we went to sleep. Christmas morning the three of us searched the tree for it. There was always a special gift for the finder. It is an old Slavic tradition that I have carried on. First with my son now with the neighbor kids who call to see if I have the tree up yet!
OK I know it is a little odd looking. This one was made by my Mom (86) when she was just a small child. It is paper machie and heavy so it always hangs on the lower limbs, now that you know the story it is beautiful isn't it

This angel is the only one we have from Dennis' childhood, it was his Grandma's.

One of my favorite gifts every Christmas was from my Aunt Wanda. She used to send us a ornament each year that was plastic with a Christmas theme. Inside there was always 1.00 tucked it it.
Dennis helped us put ornaments on this year, a job he doesn't usually do (he is the light man) I didn't realize how set in my ways Donald and I are. He would put on up and Don and I would move it to where it belonged!!! Silly I know but still.................
Just looking at my tree it looks like a hodge podge of sometimes not so shiny ornaments, but to us it is looking at our lives and wonderful Blessed memories of Christmas.


angelinabeadalina said...

I love ornaments that have stories to tell! The papier mache one your Mom made when she was little is so neat, and the angel from Dennis' grandma is very pretty. Thanks for sharing!

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Thanks for this lovely post, Mari. The pickle made me laugh, but it's a great tradition!