Monday, December 29, 2008

Folder 6 Picture 6 you have been tagged

Thanks my friend, remember I get even!! This post is in honor of Rachel who tagged me asking me to write about my 6 folder and 6 picture. Golly I am glad I liked the picture, I can think of a few I would have trouble with.

This is Kit (Nosey, *ithcycat, Kithastrphe ) she was born about 13 years ago in my back porch. I had brought home a pregnant feral calico from work hoping to tame her a little. It never happened, she and all the kittens she had but Kit went to a home as barn cats. I kept Kit because I adore calicos. You would think she would be tame she was loved from the beginning, oh no Kit has a personality of a wildcat. When she was younger I was the only one brave enough to pet her never knew when she woud attack!

She is always wherever you are; digging a hole her head is right in it. Working in the garden she is laying just a row away watching. The first time she jumped up on the hammock I was laying in I was a little shocked. She curled up and went to sleep next to me, I reached down to pet her, she bit me!!

She has mellowed a little in her age she acknowledges I feed her so I am needed in her life. She was out cold when this picture was taken this summer.

Thanks Rachel it was rather fun.

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Kyfarmlife said...

That IS a good picture! Like you I was scared to see what picture I had in there, luckily it was calves! LOL I thought it was rather fun too! Okay hit me back...I'm ready for your revenge! LOL