Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back home and Vote for me

This is a shameless plug for my ornament. So all 5 of you that read me OK maybe it is 6 by now VOTE!! Here is the link http://bluegrassetsy.blogspot.com/ come on all you lampwork lovers help me out.

I had a great flight home, I have flown into O'Hare for so many years I forgot how great Midway is. It too is a small airport like Louisville, people are nicer and you don't have so far to walk. I got to board early because of my arm. And the weather was perfect.

Mom ended up with 6 inches of snow more expected Wednesday and Saturday. The snow was beautiful a great wet snow that blanketed the trees. It was so pretty by the arboretum and with all the Holiday light up.

Last night my cousin and I went to eat, I had Italian Beefs dipped. My mouth waters now thinking of the wonderful tastes. There is a place in Etown that has Chicago hot dogs and beefs, they are close but not the same. I have decided it is the buns. There is just no good bread in Kentucky. My BIL my first day in took me and Charlie to breakfast i got so excited that I could order real rye bread. Toasted with butter, it doesn't get any better. I don't think Rob caught my excitement!

It was great to see Mom and Kathy but nice to be back home soon in my snuggly bed.


JillSymons said...

Visits are always nice, but coming home is better. We missed you - glad you had fun, but glad to have you back where you belong. : )

Kyfarmlife said...

Of course I voted for you!!! I'm glad your home! glad you had a good trip!!

angelinabeadalina said...

Voted for ya! Would've voted for that gorgeous red, white, and blue ornament even if I didn't know it was yours!

Methinks you need to get yourself a loaf or two of bread delivered via priority mail from Chi-town every few weeks!