Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Squirrels, Dogs and Snow

My sister has the biggest squirrels I have ever seen. I think they know all the best places to eat. I left for Chicago on Thanksgiving morning, what a great time to travel. there were no crowds and the plane was only 1/2 full. I travel on Tuesday to come home so maybe I will have the same blessings. This is Winston showing off for Aunt Mari. Charlie makes a jump for him and he jumps over to catch the ball. OVER AND OVER again. He is very well behaved and like a huge lap dog. I love big dogs that a leaners, he either leans or sits on your foot when he is close to you.

The most disgusting thing happened today!!! It Snowed, pretty to look at but I would much rather see it in a picture. 3-7 inches!!!!! Picture below is from Mom's window. (I really wish Mom would move to a warmer climate, visiting would be so much better.)

I will try to pop back later today I just wanted to post pictures.


angelinabeadalina said...

Woohooooooo! We just left your neck of the woods right before dark yesterday, and there was no snow this weekend! None here in southern Illinois when we got home,either. Don't ya dare bring that stuff back south with ya tomorrow, LOL Have a safe trip home, Mari, and I'm glad you've had a great visit with family :)

Corinne Sullivan said...

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