Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Newest Listing on www.ArtFire.com
Art fire seems like it will be a great venue. Support on there is amazing, so quick answering emails I actually feel important. Last night I signed up for the unlimited listings for $7.00 a month. That in turns gives me memership priviledges as far as the forums and postings. Posting is a dream, all done on one page with lots of picture options too. I am still feeling my way around, but found some cool things today. You can link an item to http://www.twitter.com/ then Artfire has the capabilities to tally how many hits you received from that URL.

I have some things listed on ArtFire that are from ETSY with good savings. Go and check my site http://www.whimsybymari.artfire.com/ .

If you decide to take the jump to ArtFire here is a link that gives me credit for you joining.

I would love to see you guys there. I already have Rachal from Wilmoth soaps there

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Art Fire said...

You ARE important. Thanks for blogging about us. More importantly, thanks for adding your creative voice to our community.


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